Trailer Park – Red Dead Redemption 2

Fall ’17, huh? Ok, I now have 12 months to finish Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3. Clock starts now!!



What is HYPE May Never Die

What sort of alchemists do Bungie employ? How did they turn a game that was straight basura from tip to tail when it was released into a completely unputdownable gem that I’ve been playing almost daily for the past year? Much as I credit Untappd for pushing me further into the craft beer rabbit hole, all credit/blame must go to the Destiny subreddit for deepening the obsession/mania. Thanks?


Trailer Park: All the Upcoming Comic Book Movies You Can Shake a “Meh” At

I’ll see them all, but the only one that won’t be accompanied by a weary sigh is Deadpool.


Still can’t believe that A) this actually got made and b) with a hard R rating.

Suicide Squad

Why does the Joker have so many terrible tattoos?

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

X-Men: Apocalypse (leaked SDCC ’15 buttcam version)

Don’t worry, only 53 more to go!

Trailer Park: Batman: Arkham Knight

Keepin it REAL Batman around here lately. I like how Rocksteady came out of nowhere* (clearly not true) to make THE definitive series of Batman games that seem to only get better with each iteration. You get real heft & movement, a sense of weight and force behind everything that happens in the world, which not many games are able to pull off. I always thought the PS3 Killzone games were particularly good at this as well, specifically Killzone 2. Pair that with the stunning visuals and amazing character & set designs and no wonder you’re left with an eagerly anticipated third entry in a series. I’d love to see a Rocksteady Marvel game.