Newfound Purchase Justification Source: “But it’s for our daughter”!

First item to fall into this new found/possibly bottomless justification bucket:


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Where were these when I had disposable income?!?! Skyrim & Fallout figures

Way to go Funko! Now go back in time 2 years so I could actually buy these. Still, that Daedric Warrior figure is sweet as fuuuuuuuuuuuuudge. (Ed. note: We family friendly now, fuckers.)

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Source: i09

Apparently there are also super sick/super expensive Fallout figures on the way as well from ThreeZero but they might as well be priced in unobtanium for all the not buying of them I will be doing. I’ll just have to push my greasy face up against the glass of my laptop and lust over them from my desk. Goodbye, sweet princes.

New York Comic Con 2014 part 2: Non-Cosplay Edition

Adam & I didn’t just take pictures of cosplayers (see part 1 aka All Cosplay, All The Time); no, we took pictures of damn near everything else too. Toys! Video games! Cool things made out of Lego plastic stacking blocks! Secret flasks hidden inside old NES cartridges! And more comics that I didn’t feel like buying than you could shake a stick at. Photo tour commences…now.

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Darwin’s Turtles: The Evolution of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you’re as hyped about the teenage mutant NINJA TURTLES movie as I am…wait, let me start that sentence over. If you are quasi-aware that there is a new Michael Bay-helmed teenage mutant NINJA TURTLES movie(why are they downplaying the fact that they are teenage mutants? I sense a conspiracy) maybe you’ll be interested in the turtle’s long, strange journey from doodle to stars of screens both big & small, the stage, and pasta shape.

Despite that fun trip through the past, don’t forget the dark horror that lays in our societal collective unconscious: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES game. More specifically, the terrible evils of the underwater level. I’m pretty sure that exact level is what taught me how to swear. But Raphael knows what I’m talking about, right Raph?

Four Days on the Run & Yo I’m Dying of Thirst a/k/a New York Comic Con ’13, Day Four

This is it folks; the big one. No, not the apocarkalypse; no, the final day of New York Comic Con ’13 and I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Sunday may just be the second best day. While Thursday is best because you get all of the show with about half of the audience, Sunday also nets you smaller crowds along with the added benefit of people selling EVERYTHING at a discount so they don’t have to pack it up n’ move it. I picked up three t-shirts and four original pieces of art for about $60!  Check out the following, ’cause they have cool shit for sale:

Abandon Ship Apparel (straight from Glasgow! The one in Scotland!)

Drew Morrison – Fine art for an even finer price

Metro Orange Art – Whaddya know? They also have fine art!

Bots n’ Babes – With Rawrs AWOL, I want to give all of my t-shirt monies to this guy.

So while this wasn’t the best NYCC in recent history (that would go to NYCC ’11, what with its free beer & free iPads), it definitely got better as the weekend progressed.  PLUS, while the impetus for the whole trip out for day 4 (scoring something for my old man’s 60th birthday) didn’t exactly work out according to plan (how saw them selling out of the Fidel Castro action figure ?!) I did score a couple cool things I think he’ll dig.  Or won’t. Who can even tell with presents?

Previous New York Comic Con ’13 coverage: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Now enough with the jibber-jabber, check out today’s photos:






I like that he’s holding a tiny scorpion, just in case you don’t get exactly who he is.


This just proves that none of my comics are worth anything.

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New York Comic Con Swag Target #1 – Pimp2-D2

Thanks to ThePwnRanger for the heads up (also io9 and Geekologie). Who knows if this even makes it to the floor for sale before Disney swoops down and just eradicates the Manly Art booth with C&D’s and smokin’ legalese. But since I’ve got a spare Ulysses S., come 4:30p on Friday I’m going to have to see a man about a robot pimp.

original (1)

Now Breaking Bad Never Has To End

Lego Citizen Brick brings you this Breaking Bad Superlab Playset to make sure the cooking fun never stops! All for a cool $250. (ed.note: Apparently these were limited to 400 sets and of course they are sold out. Bummer. But there’s always eBay.) Totally worth it; remember: no half-measures. We still miss you, Mi…er, “World’s best Grandpa”!


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