Trailer Park – Bright

Is this just…new wave Alien Nation? Maybe not 100% but definitely some similarities. Otherwise, it’s just Will Smith in full on summer blockbuster Will Smith mode, just on Netflix. I will definitely watch this. Ok, I will most definitely have this on the TV while I mostly look at my phone for 90 minutes.


Guess Who’s Back?! Frank Castle (also: it me)

I guess this means I should finish watching Daredevil season 2. And Jessica Jones. And Luke Cage. AND The Defenders.

But not Iron FistNever Iron Fist. 

Bang bang.

The Batman: TAS Effect

A staple of my after school experience. *sniff sniff* Heart of Ice still gets me.

kaptainkristian‘s YouTube page is well worth checking out for more excellent content in this vein but if you’re too lazy to click a link, check out some choice video after the jump (which is a clickable link! Congratulations, you played yourself.) Continue reading

Dreamcrushers on the horizon – Preacher to debut on AMC on May 22nd. 

 Rogen’s already on the record as saying that they are going to stray from the source material. Then again, how do you put someone like Jesus De Sade on free cable? This clearly should’ve been an HBO show. Idiots. 

I’ll still watch it…religiously.