Four Days on the Run & Yo I’m Dying of Thirst a/k/a New York Comic Con ’13, Day Four

This is it folks; the big one. No, not the apocarkalypse; no, the final day of New York Comic Con ’13 and I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Sunday may just be the second best day. While Thursday is best because you get all of the show with about half of the audience, Sunday also nets you smaller crowds along with the added benefit of people selling EVERYTHING at a discount so they don’t have to pack it up n’ move it. I picked up three t-shirts and four original pieces of art for about $60!  Check out the following, ’cause they have cool shit for sale:

Abandon Ship Apparel (straight from Glasgow! The one in Scotland!)

Drew Morrison – Fine art for an even finer price

Metro Orange Art – Whaddya know? They also have fine art!

Bots n’ Babes – With Rawrs AWOL, I want to give all of my t-shirt monies to this guy.

So while this wasn’t the best NYCC in recent history (that would go to NYCC ’11, what with its free beer & free iPads), it definitely got better as the weekend progressed.  PLUS, while the impetus for the whole trip out for day 4 (scoring something for my old man’s 60th birthday) didn’t exactly work out according to plan (how saw them selling out of the Fidel Castro action figure ?!) I did score a couple cool things I think he’ll dig.  Or won’t. Who can even tell with presents?

Previous New York Comic Con ’13 coverage: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Now enough with the jibber-jabber, check out today’s photos:






I like that he’s holding a tiny scorpion, just in case you don’t get exactly who he is.


This just proves that none of my comics are worth anything.

SO MANY MORE after the jump, you’ll just have to click and see.

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Boba Fett Loves Two Things: He Loves his Helmet, He Loves his Wife & He Loves Charity

Art. Star Wars. Charity. Forming like Voltron for a great cause, namely Make-A-Wish. Some of these one of a kind helmets went for over $10,000!! Awesome across the board.

Click to embiggen!

Link via Geekologie.

I Came, I Saw, I Played Sonic and Knuckles.

(ed. note: Intrepid contributor ViciousPjuraHead is spending the summer in Italy and will be filing dispatches of a gaming or comic related nature, when he gets around to it.)

Buongiorno readers! I’m in Italy for the summer but in between slowly sweating to death in the unforgiving sun & dodging erratic motorinos driven by feral Italians I’ll try to find some interesting & relevant bits about the gaming & comic culture here in Roma.  Only being here a day or so but I was able to find this funky quasi arcade sporting some very current titles, including the previously mentioned Sonic & Knuckles.  Which, seeing as how it was released in 1994, puts Italy only about 18 years behind the curve, gaming wise.  Do they even know that a major franchise has based several AAA-titles on exploits of their (imaginary & not-so imaginary) countrymen? I’m going to have to go with a big ol’ niente.  

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I did…

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