Upscale French Nerd Bars, Brooklyn Geek Burgers, AvP Origins, Lovecraftian Space Exploration: Weekend links Have Arrived!

– You like Star Wars?  You like BOOZE? You like…nevermind, of course you do.  Too bad you have to travel to Paris to check out  Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde (“Last Bar Before the End of the World”), the geekiest bar in The WOOOOOOOORLD. But sans any spare cash, you can always check out their Flickr feed.

-Speaking of eateries that cater to particular tastes: if you live in/near NYC, you can visit Action Burger in Brooklyn. What’s Action Burger’s deal? According to their (terrible; c’mon guys get it together) website:

Action Burger Inc. is owned by Steve Bala (creator, comic book & G.I. Joe guru, action figure collector).  Action Burger is now open and making deliveries, Action Burger will be a family place to eat good food, talk about/debate comics or super heroes, learn the history of comics, play old school video games, watch super hero movies & cartoons. Action burger is about constant change (displays and wall comics will change every few months), eating good food and having a wonderful experience at our restaurants. These days restaurants don’t provide an interactive experience and exciting environment.  They provide food, but missing on exotic displays and friendly conversations.  Come in and debate your favorite super hero with Steve or other customers. Bring your kids to learn and experience the history of comics/action figures & sci-fi movies/cartoons from the 50s-00s. Come by and eat a villian or super hero burger, start up a conversation with owner Steve.  Ask him any question about comics while you wait or eat your food.

– Switching topics, hints about the next Dragon Age alongside some art have been spilling out this weekend.  Check out some of the art below:


– The eternal Aliens v. Predator feud apparently started in the nursery.

What if H.P. Lovecraft had written the Fantastic Four (and would it be better than Warren Ellis’ take in Planetary?) posits Mike Sterling. (via Kotaku)


Weekend Links: At a Long Enough Bachelor Party, Everyone’s Life Expectancy Drops to Zero

Taking this, my short reprieve between Parts A & B of my bachelor party, to bring you some hot, honey scented, bourbon flavored links. What am I talking about? I have no idea, I am super hung over.

– Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Junot Diaz Discusses His Love Of Comics – Have you read The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao? Dude you are missing out.  That book is AWESOME. Plus Diaz name drops Galactus on the first page. Get it!

– How about some Breaking Bad action figures to liven up your apartment AND keep all of your hentai statues company while you’re at work?

How many ghost butts are YOU currently touching? 

A brief (not so brief) look at all of the intros from the various releases from Rockstar Games. 

Yes, The Library of Congress Has Video Games– See, libraries and librarians ARE cool. We’re just semi-secret about it.

– How the upcoming Black Ops II will handle the Prestige system and other salient details about the upcoming FPS.

– Thanos concept art from The Avengers! 






Alright, now I’m off to Atlantic City to gamble away all of my preciousModern Borefare earnings (ed.note: current Modern Borefare earnings: $0.00) and try to cultivate this dull hangover into something truly horrific. In closing, I want to leave you with the words of a truly gifted wordsmith, who said it best when he said “The Humpty Dance / is your chance/ to do the Hump.”

Links for the Long Weekend

– Time to start digging around in your couch: there’s a $450 Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary collection for you to buy!  Of course, since it’s only being offered in Japan, you’re going to have to scrounge up plane fare as well.  Attention anyone who is living in Japan: buy a bunch, ship them to me, I’ll sell them, we’ll split the profits.

– As if you needed another reason to stay indoors: Troma Films has released 150(!) films for free on YouTube that you can start watching right this very minute (finish reading this post though).

– How many games have you struggled through for the sole purpose of the big payoff at the end  and when you finally do get there you get “Thanks for Playing!” and a starwipe? Well, Joystiq feels your pain and is  going to help you relive those incredibly  disappointing endings with their look back through “A History of Whimpers: Infamous endings throughout video game history“.  For my money, I think the ending to Contra was kind of shitty.  Come to think of it, so was Borderlands.  The worst/most recent offender? Rage. PEE-YEW WHAT A STINKER. What a beautiful, soulless game.

– Have you read Ready Player One yet? No? FOR SHAME. If you read this site on a quasi-regular basis, do yourself a solid (besides telling your friends about MB!) and pick up a copy of RPO at your local analog book repository , whether it be for FREE at your local library or for human monies at a bookstore.  The book is, at it’s broadest, a search for the ultimate Easter Egg in a devastated world.  Well, the author chose to do something similar IRL, someone won and drove away with a DeLorean for their trouble.  SEE? Reading is important. In a very similar vein, check out The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoHot damn that is a good book!

– Can I just buy all the ReMovies posters now? For those that don’t know (ed. note: sniff.) ReMovies are movies with one letter missing from the title.  Check some out after the jump.

– Completely unrelated but still super interesting: two gents are in the process of making every recipe from the Gourmet magazine archive. Every! Recipe! I read a calculation that says it’s going to take them 15 years to complete! Do you know how bonkers that is?

– Now this is cool: Apparently at some point in the last decade or so Phil Jiminez pitchedTransformers/Justice League crossover event. Sadly (ed. note: that’s a lie. You’re not sad. Not one bit.) while the event never came to fruition, some art did surface. Check it out (click to enlarge):

Optimus Lantern?All together now

– For those of you have been reading ModernBorefare diligently (which we very much thank you for) know that it’s no secret how much I am looking forward to Borderlands 2. So the news that a new 7 minute trailer was released tonight at PAX is both super awesome AND super depressing.  Awesome, because the game is right around the corner. Depressing because, like any movie that I am dying to see, I go into complete avoidance mode.  I want the experience to be fresh and new, not watered down & ruined with a bunch of featurettes and behind-the-scenes pieces and trailers that reveal everything! I want to be surprised and that’s almost impossible now. Running a website that purports to pass along news and be able to talk knowledgeably about it doesn’t help the situation either. So here’s the deal: the trailer is below.  If you’re on the fence about Borderlands 2 or never played the first one, you should watch it.  It will catch you up on the happenings on Pandora and whet your appetite for the madness about to come down the pike. Brace for impact lads, we’re going in!*straps on helmet, passes out*.

I’ll be away from my computer for the majority of this holiday weekend (ed.note: what? No you aren’t! This was NOT approved!) gorging on beer & seafood down in the Baltimore area. But I’ll be back Monday, bloated and sunburnt, to catch up on all the happenings that have uh happened. Have am awesome weekend people! — IR

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Weekend Links: I May Not Excel at Sports, but Posting Fantastic Links? That’s Where I’m a Viking.

– I’m not sure what your deal is, but I loved both Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas (crippling bugs aside). The only reason I know Olney even exists is because I know it was lousy with Deathclaws in FO3. Well now you can get out your blue books and get ready to compare & contrast, because some mad genius traveled around to various spots taking pictures of places that appear in the Fallout games.  Brave man; hope he had a Power Fist with him.

– Fill ‘er up!  The 10 Best Board Games Available on the iPad. I keep meaning to buy Ticket to Ride but then I keep getting distracted by Magic: The Gathering 2013.

– Remember the other week when I raved about Batman Incorporated #2 Well much like the GENIUS LEVEL Watchmen annotation site (which is a must read, regardless of your familiarity with the series) Comics Alliance is annotating Batman Incorporated.

– You would think Superman would excel at the Interplanetary Olympics.  Turns out, not so much.

– Can I even begin to tell you how badly I want this:

It is I, Victor! the problem is, these comics are only available on a non-mobile platform. What good does that do me?  If it was available via iPad I’d be all over this. It would, in fact, be on like Donkey Kong. But no. Sads.

– Have an awesome weekend! I’m heading to the moon to play tennis with Don Cornelius.


Weekend Links: Keeping You Cool Despite the Brutal Heat

The heat; it is inescapable, really.  At least here in the heart of NYC, where to go outside is to take your life in to your very hands.  The furious Sun has come back with a vengeance and your pale skin is the sacrifice it desires.  ALL WILL BURN BEFORE ITS NUCLEAR-FUELED MIGHT. So stay inside, won’t you, and check out these  tasty links:

Cthulu Lego sets for all! Did you know it’s actually Lego, not Legos? Look at that, already smarter.

What if Pixar made a Justice League  movie? Well, I think the immediate answer is that it would be watchable, unlike all of their non-Batman flicks. But don’t get too hot & sweaty over it, as Pixar & Marvel are both owned by Disney.  Maybe there’s a cheap Dreamworks knockoff in the works?

You like Minecraft? You like Game of Thrones? Then you’re in luck: some intrepid/insane gamers have been busy re-creating all of Westeros in Notch’s super-addictive Simulator? Way of life? Whatever it is, make sure to click the link above and check out all the construction going on.  It’s mind bottling.

Have you been watching Video Game High School?  What do you think so far?  I kind of enjoyed the first episode but haven’t gotten around to the rest.  But never fear! (ed note: Who, exactly?)  I’ve gots you  (ed. note: Kotaku’s “gots” you) covered with the first nine episodes ready to watch. Watch them and let us know what you think!

Speaking of watching and video games, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show is now on Netflix.  Maybe it’s not amazing, but it certainly beats going outside.

Here’s a recipe for S’mores Pancakes;this has nothing to do with either video games or comic books but damn, they look awesome. LOOK AT THEM.

Recession, Cheats, Nut Logs: A Quick Roundup

Recession hits everyone, Sci-Fi characters & superheroes alike. More in the Recession Army album.

need that java

– Incredibly interesting article over at Kotaku on gamers who pay for cheats & hacks.  Luckily for me (and unlucky for those on other platforms) but it seems the PS3 is the least effected by hacking, at least as far at major gaming platforms go.  It must be just about unpossible to play any sort of FPS on the PC.

– The Gamelogical Society has a cool blurb about my favorite LucasArts games and quite possibly one of my favorite games ever: Sam & Max Hit the Road.  I vividly remember lusting after the game, going to the Electronics Boutique in my mall and just staring at the box, imagining just how awesome & amazing that game must be.  I don’t know what I did or how I did it, but somehow I’d accumulated enough money to actually go pick it up (no one in my family thought that playing video games was a good use of my time, so anything gaming related I had to acquire myself. ) Sadly, I can’t find a picture of the bundle  but it came with four other games that I never even bothered playing.  Sam & Max was all I cared about and the rest could go screw.  That game was where i first learned what a lagomorph was as well as what a Stuckey’s Nut Roll was, though it was probably a good fifteen years later until I had the (dis)pleasure of eating one. I’ve only played demos of the current crop of Sam & Max games and I haven’t been thrilled, but if you’ve never played the original you are really missing out.  The Penny Arcade games were very much in a similar vein (those are also very excellent games worth playing!)

Weekend Links Here!

In between BBQ appointments, I’ve strained the weekend internet and these were the tastiest bits that I caught in my…strainer? Internet grabber? My analogy fell apart, unlike:

2-d's the way to be

-> 8 Foot The Legend of Zelda wall tapestry/mural – For your home AND your office.

-> Initial thoughts from Kotaku’s Owen Good on Borderlands 2.  Now that Bioshock Infinite has been pushed back to 2013 sometime (which might as well be the distant future) this could top the list of games I’m most excited for this year.

-> The Chive rounds up some stupendous examples of video game logic (Be aware: random sexiness here.)

Safe house of all safe houses