Dreams Come True – A Decade Too Late



INFINITY GEMS (they aren’t Infinity stones, you hacks. Gems. They’re gems.)

Be still my black, black heart. Except…I’ve aged out of fighting games. I no longer have the patience nor the time to memorize combos and ultimate attacks for 30 characters at a clip. My muscle memory is shot! I mean, i’ll still give you a run for your $$$ if you want to break out Tekken (3 OR 5) or UFC Undisputed or Soul Caliber or WWE Here Comes the Pain or any SF2 iteration or World Heroes or Samurai Showdown…but I pretty much drew the line at MvC3 (or rather had the line drawn FOR me, as I  I would get absolutely butchered on the regular)

Now get off my lawn and leave me to my Witcher 3 wanderings. Get too close and I’ll run you through. *shakes canesword*

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The Batman: TAS Effect

A staple of my after school experience. *sniff sniff* Heart of Ice still gets me.

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Cool Pics & Uncool Shit

Yo, did you ever want to consume your movies as one single, giant image? Well I’m here to tell you today my friends that you can. Just head over to http://swanh.net/ for your Star Wars: A New Hope inforgraphic. The whole thing! One picture! The future is a crazy place.

Speaking of crazy future bullshit: I don’t care whether Facebook suppresses right wing news in its human curated Trending box. It’s not that big of a deal for me. But when you START SPOILING MAJOR COMIC BOOK PLOT TWISTS BEFORE I’VE EVEN MADE IT TO THE GODDAMN COMIC BOOK STORE FOR NEW COMIC BOOK DAY?! Unacceptable.  That’s probably why Zuck is building that doomsday shelter, to stop the oncoming wave of enraged fanboys.  Don’t know what I’m talking about? Pic after the jump (don’t hit the jump if you want to avoid MARVEL COMIC spoilers).

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It’s Sensational!

I wish someone would tackle the fundamental question that is the Osborne’s hair. Is it waves? Tight curls? Ridges? WHY ARE YOU HIDING THE TRUTH, MARVEL?

Until then, enjoy this amazing/sensation/superior/2099 poster, courtesy of Grey Matter Art and Dave Perillo, which goes on sale this Thursday – wow!


A whole mess of super sweet posters after the jump!

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Trailer Park – He’s a Magic Man aka Doctor Strange Trailer

Take a little dash of Inception, a quick shake of Rachel McAdams, half a serving of Tilda Swinton and the magical cheekbones of B. Cumberbatch and you’ve got what looks to be another solid expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t forget the flowing red cloak, which now makes TWO Cumberbatch coats I desperately want. (C’mon, his Sherlock coat is dope af)