Simpson’s “The Hobbit” Couch Gag

What in the Blue Blazer is going on here? TWO decent Simpsons couch gags in ONE month? Unpossible, you say and trust me, I hear you. Yet here we are:

Good, bad or indifferent, The Simpsons has been on television longer than you’ve been alive! It is in no way culturally as relevant as it was in *adjusts monocle, tilts top hat* my day yet it just keeps on keeping on, generating umpteen billions of dollars for all involved. I bet that it goes to 30 seasons. It’s such an institution at this point that the entire process of getting it made & on the air must be completely rote now. This bears some investigation, just not by me at this juncture because I’m late for Halloween drinks. Later suckers!

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Westeros X Springfield


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Courtesy of Draw the Simpsons, we have everyone’s current favorite fantasy series/maybe not-so-favorite book series re-imagined in the style of  arguably EVERYONE’S favorite cartoon series. Atist ADNz has promised more in the series so keep an eye out either there or here.


get ready for the worst...ending...ever.

get ready for the worst…ending…ever.

What do you know about BARTKIRA?

GOTcha…Game of Thrones Inforgraphics by Nigel Evan Dennis

Where Have All the Wildings Gone: An Updated tribute to HBO’s Game of Thrones is a series of clever images and infographics from artist Nigel Evan Dennis. Check out his site for much more, including House-specific wallpapers for your phone/thing you’re constantly fiddling with
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Total War: Rome II

romeiiwallpaperI was obsessed with the first Rome:Total War game. I mean obsessed. It’s the history buffs version of playing WoW.  Even as the years went on and my computer got older and slower, it still somehow managed to handle R:TW.  As much as I loved playing it, I could never actually win at it. No matter how many new games I started and how many times I tried playing with different commanders I could never win.  I would somehow go through every strategy I knew, end up owning too much land, have the inevitable civil unrest everywhere and then rage quit and not look at it again for a few months.  That was usually one sitting.

And then HUZZAH:  Napolean:Total War. I much more of a fan for the French Revolution and Napoleon than I am about the Roman Empire but for some reason that game didn’t register with me as something I was missing.  Having spent summers in Italy (see past posts), I began to have a new found appreciation for Rome again.  I read the book Rubicon which is incredibly detailed and fascinating and even re-watched the series Rome.  Now we have this:the Rome: Total War II trailer and I am absolutely blown away by the video’s I’ve seen so far.

If you’re unfamiliar with the gameplay mechanics of R:TW they are pretty standard for a turn based strategy game.  You choose a faction and you  travel the map fighting battles, conquering towns and villages while building up your empire. On your heels, however, are various other families who want also control of Europe and will do everything in their power to stop you. Conquer or be conquered: it’s up to you.

For more of a recap of the above mentioned gameplay, check out Rock, Paper, Shotguns video diary and description.


Game of Thrones Season 2 Cut Scenes? Game of Thrones Season 2 Cut Scenes.

I’d rather the sixth novel was debuting on March 31st instead of the third season of the HBO show, but we take what we can get.  Speaking of taking and getting, here are a few DVD/Blu-Ray extras from Season Two of Game of Thrones; get them in your…eyes? Brains?

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16-bit Calvin & Hobbes Game

…ok, not really.  But you can stare at this .gif and dream about what never was.  Actually…would you rather had a SNES Calvin & Hobbes game or a stuffed Hobbes? Which, by the way, would’ve been a GOLD MINE. You can applaud Bil Watterson all you want for not selling out, but he left A LOT of disappointed fans in his wake by not merchandising.


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I’m Jar Jar Martin, And I’ve Approved These Maps

With Game of Thrones slated to return to HBO this March for the start of its third season (which, since I work in television I am privy to SECRET TELEVISION INSIDER SECRETS, will most likely be split into two smaller seasons) and George R.R. Martin is maybe? possibly? working on book six (of maybe 7, maybe 8) A Song of Ice & Fire novels, get your Winterfell fix with this series of lush maps of Westeros and beyond, blessed by the bearded & bespectacled bard (ed. note: too much. dial it back) himself.








jar jar

If you dig the above maps, check out a fully zoomable one alongside other ASOIAF goodies. Keep in mind that these are just previews of much larger, (2 feet by 3 feet!) maps which are available in book form here, as The Lands of Ice and Fire.

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Game of Thrones Meets The Rest of Pop Culture, House Flags Result

Lokiable over at deviantART puree’d the concept of Game of Thrones-style House banners & mottos, mixed in various comic, fantasy, sci-fi and pop culture ingredients to chef the following: irresistibly cool pieces of art that should be posters that I could thenuse to wallpaper my Den of Solitude. You can keep your human interactions, I just want to stare at these all day whilst shouting at the top of my lungs at the television as I am massacred endlessly in Nuketown 2025.




HBO Adapting American Gods, Adam Losing His Shit

American_godsYou kids these days. You don’t know how good you have it.

In my day, television was a wasteland. L.A. Law and Murder She Wrote were the best dramas we had. Golden Girls and Roseanne were the only comedies worth a damn. Reruns of M.A.S.H. and The Cosby Show were a viable alternative to pretty much anything new on television. The most popular shows were Growing Pains and Who’s the Boss. GROWING PAINS. 

But now? Now you have your Mad Men and your Homeland and your Game of Thrones and still all you do is complain. Fine, says HBO, you want more? How about if we take Neil Gaiman’s sweeping re-imagining of mythological beings set in the modern world and turn it into an epic series? Will that slake your insatiable thirst for high quality entertainment, you ravenous little fiends?

I would have murdered your entire generation for a few seasons of 30 Rock back in the day. Instead I’m stuck fondly remembering that Small Wonder was filmed before a live studio audience.

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