Trailer Park: Annihilation – If anything like the books, the first 1/3rd is great, the 2nd 1/3rd is incomprehensible and then I’ll walk out at the start of the 3rd 1/3rd

Anybody else read these books? Absolute shame the second book in the trilogy absolutely annihilated (lulz) all of the goodwill and interest the first book created. I bailed before book three and I don’t feel like I’m missing much. Wonder how the movie will pan out.

Who’s GoT a Plan & Who GoT GoT

Andy Barefoot, just out there on the Internet, making crazy good data viz re: who all GoT smoked in all six Game of Thrones seasons and who did the smokin‘.  So, so cool.

Looks like this, but, y’know, bigger & more interactive.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.34.09 PM

Westeros, according to Jar Jar Martin **Updated, with More Images!**

Hey, there’s a new George R.R. Martin book coming out on Tuesday, 11/3. Just not the one you or anyone else wants. Instead,  The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones is a book about the art and history of the world of Westeros and GRRM and his co-authors stopped by the 92nd Street Y to yammer at fanboys  & girls about it. You can listen to the yammering here and look at the pretty, pretty pictures below. After the jump, see my favorite depiction of The Wall, which I almost had in my grasp but I let it slip away. Sad face.


Dragonstone by Philip Straub

Castle Black & The Wall

Castle Black & The Wall

The Red Keep

The Red Keep by Ted Nasmith



The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne by Marc Simonetti

**UPDATE** Much more after the jump:

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Next Stop, King’s Landing: Game of Thrones Subway Maps

From Michael Tyznik and his Flickr page, comes a transit-map style look at the locales & environs of everyone’s favorite, Game of Thrones.  You can buy prints for the cartographic and/or GoT obsessives in your life here for Westeros and here for The Known World.


I Want a Long Flat Sarlaac Pit that I Can Drop My Work Enemies Into

Straight out of Lisbon, Portuguese artist/designer Filipe Carvalho brings some pretty stunning interpretations of classic Star Wars iconography, in a flat yet visually interesting way.  Check out his Behance page for more of his work as well as numerous other Long Shadow Flat Design pieces.
Star_wars_longshadow-06 Star_wars_longshadow-07 Star_wars_longshadow-05 640 (2) 640 (1) 640