Trailer Park: Annihilation – If anything like the books, the first 1/3rd is great, the 2nd 1/3rd is incomprehensible and then I’ll walk out at the start of the 3rd 1/3rd

Anybody else read these books? Absolute shame the second book in the trilogy absolutely annihilated (lulz) all of the goodwill and interest the first book created. I bailed before book three and I don’t feel like I’m missing much. Wonder how the movie will pan out.

Westeros, according to Jar Jar Martin **Updated, with More Images!**

Hey, there’s a new George R.R. Martin book coming out on Tuesday, 11/3. Just not the one you or anyone else wants. Instead,  The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones is a book about the art and history of the world of Westeros and GRRM and his co-authors stopped by the 92nd Street Y to yammer at fanboys  & girls about it. You can listen to the yammering here and look at the pretty, pretty pictures below. After the jump, see my favorite depiction of The Wall, which I almost had in my grasp but I let it slip away. Sad face.


Dragonstone by Philip Straub

Castle Black & The Wall

Castle Black & The Wall

The Red Keep

The Red Keep by Ted Nasmith



The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne by Marc Simonetti

**UPDATE** Much more after the jump:

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Next Stop, King’s Landing: Game of Thrones Subway Maps

From Michael Tyznik and his Flickr page, comes a transit-map style look at the locales & environs of everyone’s favorite, Game of Thrones.  You can buy prints for the cartographic and/or GoT obsessives in your life here for Westeros and here for The Known World.


I Want a Long Flat Sarlaac Pit that I Can Drop My Work Enemies Into

Straight out of Lisbon, Portuguese artist/designer Filipe Carvalho brings some pretty stunning interpretations of classic Star Wars iconography, in a flat yet visually interesting way.  Check out his Behance page for more of his work as well as numerous other Long Shadow Flat Design pieces.
Star_wars_longshadow-06 Star_wars_longshadow-07 Star_wars_longshadow-05 640 (2) 640 (1) 640


SDCC ’14: A Post about Posters

GLORY BE, San Diego Comic Con ’14 is upon us!

Harry Potter is the Devil! Well….or Daniel Radcliffe plays the protagonist in Horns, the adaptation of the pretty cool Joe Hill novel of the same name that I didn’t even know was being made into a film:



So you like movie posters? You like AVENGERS MOVIE POSTERS? Well then, feast your gamma-irradiated eyes below:

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Now that Edgar Wright is gone, I’m not sure how much I really care about Ant-Man anymore.  Until the Internet tells me how to feel, check out the recently unveiled poster:Ant-Man-Comic-Con-poster


More to come from San Diego, as soon as I get a moment to post!

Death Toll from the First Three Game of Thrones Seasons: Surprisingly High or Nah?

To gird your loins for tonight’s fourth season premiere of Game of Thrones, Digg compiled every single on-screen death from the previous seasons and combined them into one 3-minute murder orgy. So now you can slake your near-insatiable bloodlust the next time you sit the porcelain throne.