Who’s GoT a Plan & Who GoT GoT

Andy Barefoot, just out there on the Internet, making crazy good data viz re: who all GoT smoked in all six Game of Thrones seasons and who did the smokin‘.  So, so cool.

Looks like this, but, y’know, bigger & more interactive.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.34.09 PM

Cool Pics & Uncool Shit

Yo, did you ever want to consume your movies as one single, giant image? Well I’m here to tell you today my friends that you can. Just head over to http://swanh.net/ for your Star Wars: A New Hope inforgraphic. The whole thing! One picture! The future is a crazy place.

Speaking of crazy future bullshit: I don’t care whether Facebook suppresses right wing news in its human curated Trending box. It’s not that big of a deal for me. But when you START SPOILING MAJOR COMIC BOOK PLOT TWISTS BEFORE I’VE EVEN MADE IT TO THE GODDAMN COMIC BOOK STORE FOR NEW COMIC BOOK DAY?! Unacceptable.  That’s probably why Zuck is building that doomsday shelter, to stop the oncoming wave of enraged fanboys.  Don’t know what I’m talking about? Pic after the jump (don’t hit the jump if you want to avoid MARVEL COMIC spoilers).

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Service to Valyria Discontinued

Lookit this dude, MICHAEL TYZNIK, and his sick Game of Thrones transit maps. You can even get IRL versions of the Westeros map or the entire known world for only 40 gold. What a deal.  Check out his Flickr or his site for more.


Super hi-res versions after the jump!

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The Paper Anniversary is Almost Upon Us, so Buy This For Me

2013-09-23 15_14_16-Pop Chart Lab --_ Design + Data = Delight --_ The Nebula of NES Games

Pop Chart Lab! Home of a hybrid species of design/data nerds, they’ve been cranking out stunning looking charts on the regular. While I’ve almost pulled the trigger on the Giant Omnibus of Super-Powers, The Magnificient Map of Rap Names and The Beatles Song Charts Box Set, I do believe that the Nebula of NES Games is the one that I simply must buy. Or have you buy for me. Yeah…definitely the later.

Head over to Pop Chart Lab and explore the map in detail; how many of these games have YOU played?

The Cost to be The Boss: How Much $$ Does it Take to be Super?

Hulk-Infographic batman-infographic Wolverine-Price-Infographic This is the first generation of superheroes to not do as well as the previous generation.  Guess the lesson here is: it’s just not affordable to be  a superhero anymore. THANKS OBAMA.


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