Wiseau Serious?

Well…well. I mean…ok. I guess? <sigh> If you have four-and-a-half minutes and aren’t tired of Tommy Wiseau, watch him re-enact the Joker/Batman interrogation scene from The Dark Knight.

New York Comic Con 2014 Part 1: Cosplay Edition

Adam & I both blew off work this past Thursday, which to you squares was just another day to while away but for us in the know it was the First Day of New York Comic Con 2014! Here are the cosplayers that caught our eyes on Day 1:

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Four Days on the Run & Yo I’m Dying of Thirst a/k/a New York Comic Con ’13, Day Four

This is it folks; the big one. No, not the apocarkalypse; no, the final day of New York Comic Con ’13 and I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Sunday may just be the second best day. While Thursday is best because you get all of the show with about half of the audience, Sunday also nets you smaller crowds along with the added benefit of people selling EVERYTHING at a discount so they don’t have to pack it up n’ move it. I picked up three t-shirts and four original pieces of art for about $60!  Check out the following, ’cause they have cool shit for sale:

Abandon Ship Apparel (straight from Glasgow! The one in Scotland!)

Drew Morrison – Fine art for an even finer price

Metro Orange Art – Whaddya know? They also have fine art!

Bots n’ Babes – With Rawrs AWOL, I want to give all of my t-shirt monies to this guy.

So while this wasn’t the best NYCC in recent history (that would go to NYCC ’11, what with its free beer & free iPads), it definitely got better as the weekend progressed.  PLUS, while the impetus for the whole trip out for day 4 (scoring something for my old man’s 60th birthday) didn’t exactly work out according to plan (how saw them selling out of the Fidel Castro action figure ?!) I did score a couple cool things I think he’ll dig.  Or won’t. Who can even tell with presents?

Previous New York Comic Con ’13 coverage: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Now enough with the jibber-jabber, check out today’s photos:






I like that he’s holding a tiny scorpion, just in case you don’t get exactly who he is.


This just proves that none of my comics are worth anything.

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And on the Third Day, We Drink Heavily – New York Comic Con ’13, Day Three

Day three of Comic Con: hey, do you like being jammed into tight spaces, jostled from all sides, unable to reach any of the booths you came to see? Then you’ll love Comic Con on a Saturday. Luckily, I was just there to meet up with some people and then go drinking. Still got roughly an hour on the main floor before I fled in terror to Artists Alley, where I became a proud winner of the 8-Bit Challenge. Too late, I found two awesome things I wanted to buy: a Marvel Zombies Magneto mini-bust and an Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener. Sadly, I got neither.


But I did get shots of more excellent cosplay; check ’em out! Also…I may make it a four day affair; I need to buy a present for my Dad’s 60th birthday and I have to imagine the best place to find a weird gift for a 60 year old man HAS to be Comic Con.  But ugh…on the last day? This is going to be a nightmare. I must steel myself for Close Quarter Combat. BEHOLD: my Comic Con Suit!IMG_3538IMG_1851  IMG_3540IMG_3536

Compare vs Day 1, Day 2

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Sit n’ Wait, Wait n’ Sit a/k/a New York Comic Con ’13, Day 2

Day 2 at NYCC ’13 was a horrid slog; everything and everywhere was damp, my hangover was slowly crushing my will to live and I made the (stupid) decision to forgo the floor so I could check out a few panels.

Here’s the thing about Con panels: the only way you’re getting into the one you want is to camp out in the room that it’s evenutally going to be in. For hours if necessary (it always is). I wanted to check out the IGN GTA V panel,  featuring the main actors from the game, which started at 5:15. I was in line at 1:15, then sat in line outside of a True Blood panel, then sat INSIDE during the new Legend of Zelda (the 17th!) game panel,/reveal (Lorule, how clever). THEN sat through the Big Ass Spider panel (which was excruciating), THEN sat through the GTA V panel. I was in/around this damn room for over 5 hours. By the end of it, i couldn’t have cared LESS about GTA V, Comic Con, swag, signatures, nuthin’. I just had to GET OUT.

So now two days are down and I would rate this the worst con I’ve been to.  But just to make REALLY sure it’s terrible, I’m going back today. ’cause I’m a glutton.






Main thoroughfare; compare to Day 1

Day 1 comparison


Pokeman crew & an unmasked Taskmaster

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Disappointment on the Hudson a/k/a New York Comic Con ’13, Day 1

First day of New York Comic Con 2013 has come and gone and I’ve got the hangover to prove it. What I don’t have? Oodles of cool shit I didn’t have previously!  Nothing really jumped out on me on Day 1 as a MUST BUY or even a “Hmmm…that would be pretty cool to have”.  Well, back up.  There was one booth in Artist’s Alley that had some incredible work: Sean Hartter had some really cool and original work that, if I go back for a second round today, may require further attention. Special mention to Acidfree Gallery as well for some mind-blowingly cool Transformer and Voltron pieces. Which, come to think about it, now that the money I had earmarked for Mondo is suddenly free, maybe I’ll go blow it over at Acidfree.


– South Park: The Stick of Truth looks absolutely AMAZING. They’ve created the first ever playable TV show and will most likely be one of the reasons I delay picking up a PS4.

– Kid Rock cosplaying as The Riddler (see pic below)

– Librarian meetup at The Tempest Bar.


– New York Comic Con sending out a tweet under my handle with no prior warning.

-No Mondo

-No Rawrs

-Press and Pro day is barely that anymore; now that the con sells a ton of tickets for Thursday, it feels just like any other day there, just with slightly less people.

– NYCC ’13 seems somehow…diminished this year. The hallway between Artist’s Alley and the main floor, usually packed with stuff in previous years, was empty. There was no tabletop gaming area, so even if I wanted to kill some time and throw away some money getting just straight up embarrassed at Magic, I couldn’t.  Like Shawn Michaels in the ’90’s, New York Comic Con has lost its smile.

-Where’s all the swag, you cheapskates!?!

IMG_3452IMG_3464IMG_3453IMG_3480IMG_3454IMG_3455A crap-ton of cosplay and booth shots after the jump. Check ’em out, don’t cost nothin’.

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New York Comic Con 2012 Day Two – Cosplayers Come Out At Night (During the Day Too)

New York Comic Con ’12 day two has come and gone and all I have to show for it is A TON OF SUPER SWEET POSTERS & T-SHIRTS OHMYGOD.

The day started with a beeline to the Capcom booth, where they had a limited number of Infinity Gauntlet-inspired posters to commemorate the release of Marvel vs. Capcom Origins.  Trick was: to snag the poster you had to play the demo. I was in line several times on Thursday to do just that but kept running off to pick something else up.  But the time I actually got to play the demo ( the line was suspiciously non-existent at 6pm on Thursday) they had run out of posters. DON’T WORRY; I got there early enough to score the poster as well as a cool Okami HD and a Darkstalkers Resurrection poster signed by the artist.

From there it was a straight shot back to the Mondo booth. Thursday evening when I stopped by, they had one of about 15 posters revealed (it was for Phantasm). I asked the guy manning the booth when the rest would be revealed and he said ” probably 3 a day for the rest of the con”.  Kind of disappointing, but whatever, it’s his deal.  But when I randomly checked their Twitter feed this morning they had apparently reversed course and dropped everything  at 10am on Friday! Maybe they had to beat a hasty retreat? Anyway, for sale they had a regular edition & a limited con edition of the following posters: Iron Giant, Shaun of the Dead, Foghorn Leghorn, an Ent, Beatrix Kiddo. They also had the Phantasm poster, a pretty sweet Friday the 13th joint, a cool shot of Mordor and a something from an Italian horror movie called City of the Living Dead.

After waiting in line for about 45 minutes (they, along with everyone else in the convention center, was having issues with the super expensive & super spotty wifi) I was able to order and scoop up the last Shaun of the Dead New York Comic Con ’12 variant. WoO-HoO! I also grabbed the City of the Living Dead poster ’cause I panicked.

From there? Meandering and snapping shots of some the really amazing cosplayers that were roaming about. Took in the AMC Comic Book Men panel (scored a ticket at work) where even though it was supposed to be about the guys on the show, Kevin Smith turned it into the Kevin Smith show.  But you kind of had to know that going in.  Plus, no matter how comfortable your shoes are, you’re going to want to sit down after 5 hours of walking the floor.

Had to head back to Rawrs and pick up another shirt (photos coming in the posters post) as well the Kellogg’s booth for free “cereal” (it’s Cap’n Crunch filled with chocolate! That’s not breakfast!!). I also ate a giant box of Nerds & a fistful of Hi-Chews that I managed to score from their respective booth.

Out in Artists Alley, I had the chance to talk with Lee Weeks. I was friends with a nephew of Lee’s early on in middle school and at one point Lee came in to town for a convention or a signing or something at a local shop in my area.  He took both his nephew and myself along with him to the shop where I was able to pick up the firs three issues of The Infinity Gauntlet at a substantial discount.  Great experience, both then and today; it was really tremendous to speak with him again.

At that point, we’d been at NYCC for about 6 hours & we’d just about seen it all (I had definitely seen it all if you factored int he 5 hours from the previous day) so we headed out to find beer and food (Pony Bar on 44th & 10th is the place to go!).

I’m going back tomorrow with more of a targeted mission: a) pick up t-shirts for my nephews b) hit the Comixology booth to chat c) head back over to Lee Weeks’ booth. Thursday was crowded & today was packed; I can only imagine what tomorrow will like.  Oof. Enjoy the cosplayer photos below!

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New York Comic Con 2012, Day One: My Dogs Are BARKIN’!

WHOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!! New York Comic Con ’12 day one is a wrap! Important note: wear layers & comfortable shoes. Like, real comfortable shoes. Moon boots full of & soled by marshmallows!

After two professional panels this afternoon, I got to take part in everyone’s favorite con activity:  waiting in line! Luckily that moved pretty quickly and I hit the con floor at 3:05, swag-grabbing powers activated.

One of the first booths I hit was Rawrs (booth #3115; stop by and buy something!); last year I made the mistake of seeing a shirt on Thursday and waiting until Friday to try to buy it; whoops! Sold out. Never say I’m not a quick study, as I picked up an awesome shirt & am going back tomorrow for more.

Then? Then I just, like…wandered, man. I did do that thing where I stopped in the middle of an intersection, spread my arms & spun around in a slow circle while a camera above me spun in the opposite direction.

Some of the cool people and things I met/saw on day one:

Justin Peterson, creator/writer/artist of Very Near MintPicked up vol.1 today and plan on reading it tonight.  If it’s good (and it seems awesome), I’m going to pick up the other three volumes tomorrow.

– The gentlemen from OnTarget Network. Super cool and if you stop by their booth, you can draw on their table!  I didn’t, because stick figures are difficult for me to manage. Check them out if you’re trying to get a foothold in digital comics. One of their artists, Jack Ciolli, has a whole slate of art up on deviantArt. Investigate!

– You like metal, right? OF COURSE YOU LIKE METAL. And since you’re here, you like comics & pop culture. Then I’ve got a store for you: METAL MACHINE ENTERTAINMENT. Their tag line? “Where Heavy Metal and Pop Culture Meet”. And Ismael, their president, is a top-notch fella.  Stop by their booth and say  “Modern Borefare sent you!” (bonus points if your eyes & tongue bulge out and terrify 6-year old me).

– Talked to a gentleman at the GeekFest Rants booth. Seems like a great podcast; I’ve subscribed.  Check it out, maybe you should to?

I also ate a bulgogi hot dog &  a mystery empanada. That’s a wrap on day one; come back tomorrow for more news on day two a.k.a. The First Day It Gets REAL Crazy in the Javits Center.

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P.S. SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKS: AT&T ACTUALLY WORKED in the Javits Center! For the first time for me in two years and as far as I know for the first time ever! AT&T LTE is NO JOKE.