Why Modern Borefare.

We’re here to curate and comment on video games & comic books & all the other delightful pop culture tidbits you may miss.


Impervious Rex: Creator/owner. Writer. Editor. Reader of comics and player of video games for over 26 years. Secretly wishes he possessed the Infinity Gauntlet. Impossible to live with. A fresh, clean and relaxing scent. Great scent for quiet times. // Check him out at Ease the Seat Back.

viciouspjurahead: Contributor. Gamer. Intrepid traveler/lover.  Soccer fanatic.  Inspiration for the show Freakazoid! Not-so-secretly loved Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. This scent smells like the inside of a saddle shop. Great scent for leather lovers. Very manly.

kentucky jay headstone: Columnist. May very well be Aquaman. Grew up without cable television entertainment, so reeks of fury and, strangely, mozzarella. 1/3 Twilight Zone, 1/3 Phantom Zone, 1/3 Negative Zone. Dreams of heckfire. The great smell of candy corn candy. Great scent for Fall.

thegreekdog: Contributor? Part-time.  Employee/husband/father? Full-time.  Fan of all things “classic” (read: 1980s, 1990s).  Plays PC games, primarily turn-based strategy.  LOVES: Marvel. HATES: MMORPGS & DC (except Batman).  Fantasy and sci-fi is a must.  Very nice, and relaxing scent, you will truly love this one.

adam: Contributor. Grandmaster of action, horror and sci-fi. Has never found anyone who was serious enough about D&D for his tastes. Will have his own kingdom, his own queen. The sweet scent of Grandfather’s pipe with a touch of cherry. A great all year scent, extra special during the Holiday season.

Shallow Ma Gu: Contributor. Video game analyst. Stoner. Talentless writer. Convinced that Hasbro stole the name for their pterodactyl transformer ‘Swoop’ directly from my 3rd grade mind. Aspiring cult leader. A very unique scent. Light herbal notes, sweet fresh greenery.

ThePwnRanger: Contributor. Gamer, drinker, amateur typist. Likes songs with ridiculous key changes and that promise everything will be alright. Sorry ladies, is saving himself for Jean Grey. Smells of Band-Aids and smoke and peaty, mossy rawness.

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