Trailer Park – Ant-Man & The Wasp

I’m wrong again, as I never thought Ant-Man would work in the first place and here we are with a sequel. This might be Paul Rudd’s perfect role. Also, how has he looked the same for the past twenty years,?

PS – Didn’t some other Marvel movie just come out or something? Forever Glove or Eternal Mitten or something? Anybody see it? Thoughts on it go in the comments below, True Believers!

8 thoughts on “Trailer Park – Ant-Man & The Wasp

      • When (i.e. what comic and what year)? Hulk literally can live through the apocalypse (I love Hulk: The End), temperatures in the million degrees, getting eaten alive, etc. I guess if Hulk is not particularly angry for some reason then Thanos could beat him because otherwise Hulk’s power being related to anger is limitless. Perhaps in the scene in the movie Hulk wasn’t particularly angry and somehow was overpowered by Thanos (I’m trying to refrain from vomiting when typing that). Unless Thanos has all the stones, he can’t defeat the Hulk in the comics. You’ll have to give me some specific examples that fit a similar fact pattern to the movie (i.e. “normal” Thanos vs. the Hulk). Normal Thanos vs. the Hulk = Hulk wins every time.


        • Two more things to add:
          – It is clear from the movie that we’re meant to understand that Thanos is stronger than the Hulk. This is my issue. I would have been peachy keen if Thanos outsmarted him or killed Banner or something. I’m not okay with Non-Gauntlet Thanos overpowering the Hulk with physical strength. That complete invalidates what makes Hulk awesome and different than other characters.
          – Keep in mind that the Hulk defeated Black Bolt, the X-Men, the Avengers, Dr. Strange, et. al. in World War Hulk. I mention that because some combination of those guys are going to defeat Thanos (although with Marvel too I suppose).



          Might be a case of immovable object vs. irresistible force but even in the current Thanos storyline, “Thanos Wins”…Thanos keeps the Hulk as a dog. Pretty solid evidence he would win.

          Then there’s this: “Thanos has gone on record as saying the Hulk is not someone he’d choose to fight. Too dangerous, too unpredictable. But could Thanos take out the Hulk without the Gauntlet? Absolutely. ”

          Look who else has beaten The Hulk –

          I also like Hulk: The End.


          • None of your links tell me that Thanos is stronger than Hulk, yet the movie tells me Hulk is but an insect to Thanos. I agree that full gauntlet, Thanos wins. My beef is with how the movie portrays the Hulk defeat. Hulk attacked, Thanos’s minions were like “Nah, he got this” and then Thanos “got that” by beating Hulk to a pulp. Movie doesn’t jive with comics.

            Semi-related – I read something on The Ringer (a sports and entertainment website) about how the Marvel movies fight scenes sucked (I don’t disagree). The article talked about all these other great movie fight scenes but did not once mention the Marvel television shows. Pissed me off. This and the Hulk thing are situations where the movies are taking great liberties with the comics I grew up with. I’m being semi-fanboy here I suppose.


            • Well, if you want to go by the movie – Thanos already had the power stone when he smashed The Hulk.

              I like the Ringer – mostly their wrestling coverage. As for taking liberties with the story – I think in terms of Infinity War they had to. I just don’t see how they could incorporate Death and Mephisto into the series at this point and not leave people scratching their heads. How divinity is handled and how divine/cosmic level characters are handled in the comics are difficult enough to wrap my head around and I’ve been reading comics for 30 years. Some rando off the street will never get it. So in terms of reaching/keeping the mass audience, they’ve accumulated over the past 10 years removing those aspects and swapping in Gamora in place of Mistress Death makes sense.

              When you say Marvel TV shows – are you talking about the Netflix shows?


              • I am talking about the Netflix shows. I’m about 4 episodes into the new Jessica Jones. I would rank them (with an incomplete for season 2 of Jessica Jones but so far disappointing), as follows:
                1. Daredevil Season 2
                2. Jessica Jones Season 1
                3. The Punisher Season 1
                4T. Daredevil Season 1
                4T. Luke Cage Season 1
                49. The Defenders
                50. Iron Fist

                I have not watched (and likely will not watch) SHIELD or Legion. Runaways is on my list.



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