Service to Valyria Discontinued

Lookit this dude, MICHAEL TYZNIK, and his sick Game of Thrones transit maps. You can even get IRL versions of the Westeros map or the entire known world for only 40 gold. What a deal.  Check out his Flickr or his site for more.


Super hi-res versions after the jump!

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Trailer Park – He’s a Magic Man aka Doctor Strange Trailer

Take a little dash of Inception, a quick shake of Rachel McAdams, half a serving of Tilda Swinton and the magical cheekbones of B. Cumberbatch and you’ve got what looks to be another solid expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t forget the flowing red cloak, which now makes TWO Cumberbatch coats I desperately want. (C’mon, his Sherlock coat is dope af)