80’s Villains Mushed Up With Pop Music Covers

The reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated! You know what stops you from regularly updating a site? Here’s a partial list: a newborn! Getting a new job! Moving from one giant city to another giant city due to getting said job! The holidays! Don’t forget malaise.  That’s a big one. But hey, maybe I can toss Modern Borefare back on the slab, crank it up through the hole in my roof during a lightning storm and bring some life back to this cantankerous monster.

In the meantime, enjoy (or else) these 80’s villains transplanted from their general menacing environments and put into the place they probably should’ve been all along, belting out pop music (Jodecai courtesy Rocky Davies)

LoveIsABattlefield-600-550x550 IWantToKnow-600-550x550  HeyMon-600-550x550  WhatIsLove-600-550x550 MeltWithYou-600-550x550 DealWithIt-600-550x550 SweetDreams-600-550x550 WelomeToTheJungle-600-550x550DreamsInWhichImDying-600-550x550ItAintPersonal-600-550x550


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