Eight Artists Illustrate Their Childhood Video-Game Obsessions + One Supremely Poor Effort from Yours Truly

Medium tapped eight artists to put their premiere video game memory of childhood down in whatever style they chose and the results do not disappoint. Definitely check out the article for more specific details from the artists and why, exactly , the games they chose had such an incredible impact on them.

Kris Mukai, "Jet Grind Radio"

Kris Mukai, “Jet Grind Radio”

Celyn Brazier, "Alien-8"

Celyn Brazier, “Alien-8”

Brendan Monroe,"Asteroids"

Brendan Monroe,”Asteroids”

Lale Westvind, "War Wind"

Lale Westvind, “War Wind”

Jennifer Daniel, "Minesweeper"

Jennifer Daniel, “Minesweeper”

Mimi Leung, "Final Fantasy 7"

Mimi Leung, “Final Fantasy 7”

Tim McDonagh, "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

Tim McDonagh, “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”

via Medium

After the jump, see my artistic masterpiece, meant to represent one of the absolute PINNACLES of 8-bit (or any bit, for that matter) gaming, BIONIC COMMANDOooooooooo

Impervious Rex, "I can't draw for shit"

Impervious Rex, “I can’t draw for shit”

Draw & submit your own; I’ll post them and keep bumping this post to the top!


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