Wrestling. Comic books. Game of Thrones. Get it.

Ramon Villalobos can be checked out at Society6 and RedBubble (where you can buy some sweet swag) as well as deviantART.

…while With Spandex provides detail on the more esoteric moves.

Thor stretches out Loki with a Lightning Lock Delta.

Thor applies the Lightning Lock Delta to Loki

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion applies a Scorpion Armlock.

Scorpion & the Scorpion Armlock.

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of the Dragon Sleeper

Daenerys Targaryen with my go-to submission move, the Dragon Sleeper

Inverted scorpion  death lock (?)

Outside scorpion death lock (?)

More after the jump including Wonder Woman, Freddy Kreuger, Bane & more

Wonder Woman doing a high-angle Boston Crab

Wonder Woman with a high-angle Boston Crab

Aquaman with an Octopus Stretch on that other Atlantean king

Aquaman doing an Octopus Stretch

Freddy Krueger & the Sleeper Hold

Freddy Krueger’s Sleeper Hold

Orion applies a wristlock to Kalibak.

Orion with a wristlock on Kalibak.

Bane & the octopus stretch

Bane & the octopus stretch



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