With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Eighty-Nine: My Opinion of Comic-Con is Summarized By Yonder Animated Imagery:

I hired the Yellow Cello to distract Wheelchair and Striped Leggings so the Hammer of Hate could impact without interference. Note the bag man on the right of the screen: he’s unaffected. Hope for the Future that they’ll all turn to ash and blow away? Jay drums his fingers atop his Brainiactacular Dome and ruminates…

Dig the swingin’ singles…and one partially obfuscated married dame. “Gilligan’s Island” turns 50 next month. Dawn Wells and Tina Louise are still dancing. Ms. Louise tried to distance herself from Ginger Grant after the show’s demise so she could enjoy extensive Hollywood success, but a bad attitude and the stigma that stuck like glue to most 50s and 60s TV icons that You Are Defined As You Are Syndicated avalanched her ascension.

Be warned, Cosplayers: arrive at my house and reap the Infinitely Irked Irritation of Matthau Undead:

This guy’ll stick ya, too.

Finally, please remember, children, if you cut off the head of Ming the Merciless, the head of Eric Roberts grows in its place.