With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Eighty-Five: From Self-Satisfaction to Self-Destruction in 3…2…1…

Sun is shining. The heat is bearable. This miscreant’s gonna hit the SEE-ment pond today.

“Loiter Squad” and “Superjail” new seasons On Demand. Lassoed dem critters…all caught up.

Then the blazin’ red-hot Goddammitphone rings…and I answer:

Tommy Ramone: 1952-2014

Sun explodes in my punk rock collection. The heat fries my senses. Still goin’ swimmin’ but won’t shake out the excess water betwixt the ‘lobes.

AOL posts a picture of Marky Ramone instead of a pic of Tommy. Papercut City. Got Bad Religion on the horn. They’re on it.


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