The Modern Borecast vol. 4 – Sippin’ on Wine…and Mackin’

Making a podcast on a shoestring nonexistent budget is certainly an interesting challenge.

THIS WEEK! The Modern Borecast covers the following:

-What exactly are we playing/watching/reading? This is also the time when Adam is unimaginably cruel to me. I JUST WANTED TO TALK ABOUT THE NUMBER OF EPISODES MOST TELEVISION SHOWS HAVE IN A GIVE SEAZZZZzzzzzzz…

– Hey, remember that video game time machine adam talked about? Yeah.

– Movies! Some are good, some aren’t. This volume, STAR WARS is right in the crosshairs of our blasters.

– Sexy sexy comic books.

– Television is stupid, according to the both of us.

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Keep in mind folks, we are this kitten and you not listening to the Borecast is that flaming hole.