Panel Picks: Ol’ Blood & Guts

Guess the hot new thing in comics this past month was out & out ultra violence. Check after the jump for what people lost which body parts in some of the comic’s biggest mainstream titles. God speed!


Eltingville Club #1

You should really, really be reading this book. For this homage, if nothing else.

photo 1

Hulk #1 variant cover

The Incredible Hulky Kong?

photo 2-2

The United States of Murder, Inc #1

Definitely hooked on the new Bendis & Oeming book about what appears to be how the United States ceded the east coast of the country to the Mafia. With this stark, issue closing image, now maybe we know why.

photo 2

Thor God of Thunder #21

All the Galactus barf you can handle.

photo 3

Thor God of Thunder #21

THAT BASTARD PUNCHED ME STRAIGHT THROUGH THE EARTH AND BROKE THE MOON. Write it in the sky with gossamer teardrops, that is poetry.

The gore you came for is after the jump

photo 4-1

Original Sin #0

How many significant Marvel events currently showing in The Watcher’s home theater can you name?

photo 1-1

All the Spider-Men

Not a panel per se, but I found this online and it’s super sweet.

photo 1-4

Elektra #1

I don’t really care for the book much, but the dreamy quality to the art is definitely worth a look.

photo 2-4

Elektra #1

The second part of the above image; really like how the artist is able to illustrate the killers fluidity.

photo 1-5

Original Sin #1


photo 3-2
ew Ew EW. Where to being. A)Is that a mask or is the Orb’s head really a giant eyeball? If that’s the case, how does he eat/sleep/breathe? How does he keep it lubricated? Does he have spray himself with eye goo every other second? Isn’t there just grit in there like, all the time? B) The Orb, really? I think he’s a sub-Z-Level villain. C)Is there a 24-hour fitness just for villains? They are all super jacked, they must workout somewhere. I smell a new series… D) WHY are the Watcher’s eye…tendrils…so long?

photo 1-1

Invincible #111

Is Kirkman just going for shock value now these days? First it was the rape of Invincible and now this.

photo 2-1

Thunderbolts #25

Guess that’s why there is a new Ghost Rider series on the shelves.



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