Panel Picks: Ol’ Blood & Guts

Guess the hot new thing in comics this past month was out & out ultra violence. Check after the jump for what people lost which body parts in some of the comic’s biggest mainstream titles. God speed!


Eltingville Club #1

You should really, really be reading this book. For this homage, if nothing else.

photo 1

Hulk #1 variant cover

The Incredible Hulky Kong?

photo 2-2

The United States of Murder, Inc #1

Definitely hooked on the new Bendis & Oeming book about what appears to be how the United States ceded the east coast of the country to the Mafia. With this stark, issue closing image, now maybe we know why.

photo 2

Thor God of Thunder #21

All the Galactus barf you can handle.

photo 3

Thor God of Thunder #21

THAT BASTARD PUNCHED ME STRAIGHT THROUGH THE EARTH AND BROKE THE MOON. Write it in the sky with gossamer teardrops, that is poetry.

The gore you came for is after the jump Continue reading


Trailer Park: Pre-Premiere Footage of Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Could’ve also gone with Wastelands…in…SPPPPAAAAAAAAAACCCCEEEE. So despite what I said on the last Borecast, I am actually somewhat interested in this. Borderlands still really appeals to me as a platform for loot collection & item management.  Maybe this time I’ll really branch out and play a non-Sniper character. Look for the thrilling conclusion to that sentence to drop sometime at the end of 2014 when the Pre-Sequel launches.



Trailer Park: Mortal Kombat X

Ten? TEN? Man…I still remember seeing Mortal Kombat for the first time, under the flickering lights of the Trindle Bowl arcade one fateful Saturday morning while waiting for the rest of my bowling team to show up (also, shut up, lots of cool kids are in bowling league. LOTS OF THEM.). Now here we are, ten iterations later & apparently going strong.

While the trailer is pretty/gory/pretty gory, there’s no actual gameplay so who knows what’s in store for this new version. <fingers crossed> c’mon, free to play, c’mon…