Trailer Park:Batman: Arkham Knight aka Whatcha Gonna Do, BROTHER, When Batmania Runs Wild On YOU??

Why hello there, Rocksteady Crew (No. No. Yes.) Nice to see you back after what was clearly a mistake in letting the Batman: Arkham X franchise flop limply into the hands of some other studio for the quick cash in.  PLEASE tell me that Warner Bros. isn’t going to go the Call of Duty annualized route by alternating  studios to pump more Batman games into the the market. Part of what made Arkham Asylum  and Arkham City so damn brilliant was not only the clear care that were put into the product by Rocksteady but also the fact there wasn’t always another one right around the corner. The previous two Batman games were an event, not just “Ugh, guess it’s time to buy this year’s Batman game, here’s my $65.” I’m looking forward to flipping around the streets of Gotham and just crushing the absolute fuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge out of some goons who desperately need a knuckle sandwich or three. Here’s some batarangs for your facial, what’s up bro? Regardless, games that look like THIS are the reason I bought a PS4.

Sidenote: I hate large animals who hide in pools of water; case in point, the shark from Arkham City as well as the thing in the lake from Resident Evil 4. Damn I hate water.


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