Modern Borecast vol.3 – We Back. We Back.

Damn, 13 months in between the first two volumes and barely two weeks between vols. 2 & 3!  Now if we could just get our hands on some decent recording gear…

No matter, in this volume, we cover:

– The inevitability of the yearly Call of Duty entry.

– E.T., alive (?) and well in the Arizona desert!

– The Xbox One gets another cool game, much to Joe’s chagrin.

– Star Wars episode 7 , including casting and title news (and the revelation one of us didn’t know who Max von Syndow was).

– Recently re-discovered audio companion tracks for a whole slew of Bond films.

– Comixology & Amazon team up to ruin digital comics (which may or may not have caused one of us to pout like a 5 year old).

– What to read, including the return of a legend, an old-favorite and an extra-berserk Canadian mutant.

– Thor vs. Storm.

– What are we looking forward to in the 2014/2105 television season?

– Adam vs. Joe: Who’s right when it comes to The Returned?

Remember, leave any comments,concerns et.als. either in the comments below or shoot us an email at Whatever you send us (within reason), we’ll read during the next Borecast!

Don’t forget, listening to the Modern Borecast has been proven to help you follicley-challenged gentlemen grow beards.  What kind of a beard, you ask? Well:



So listen often & tell a friend!

3 thoughts on “Modern Borecast vol.3 – We Back. We Back.

  1. Firestarter! The incendiary climax of this flick conjures fiery lava tears of burning nostalgiac doom from the peepers of Ol’ Kentucky Jay….
    Two quick movie reviews: Joe, “The Sheik” was delicate, respectful, and magnificent – Adam, Lex Luthor wrote and produced a sh*tty high school reunion movie entitled “Back in the Day”, LOOK IT UP BUT DO NOT WATCH. I erred in that I wanted a brief respite in terror after watching “Abandon Ship”, “100 Bloody Acres”, and “Girly”.


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