With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Eighty-One: The Best of the Bloody Screaming Hippie GIFs

Inspired by Rob Dyrdek, who wouldn’t know what to do if you gave him a baseball cap and a coffee mug, I Googled “Bloody Screaming Hippie GIF” and trasmit the outcome to you:

Note the Portuguese-Icelandic-Irish Spice Girls in the photograph below Floss-‘Em-and-Toss-‘Em aren’t frightened…five bucks says the wry twist of cheek of Portuguese Spice reveals she’s in cahoots with the Homicidal Molar…

Xanax in your peanut butter sandwich, Dario Argento on the screen…numby-numby-numb soon will come…

He takes a shot for every person who’s seen ‘Man Trouble’…to the lament of his liver, that number is high, since we are talking about a substandard early 90s comedy that was another critical and financial post-Batman stumblef*ck in which expectations were high and the brain matter did not even cover the linoleum…

Unearthed: the origin of ‘Memoirs of an Invisible Man’…

I end this post with an address personally for anyone from my high school who finds me for the impending 20th reunion:



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