Conceptually, that is: Marvel Concept Art for Upcoming Phase 2 Films

So in an inspired bit of brand synergy (Disney owns both ABC & Marvel, does not own this site..yet), ABC aired a special last night called ” Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe” where they patted each other on the backs, swam around in their pools of cash and called DC a bunch of dickheads (I can only assume; I don’t have cable and I don’t watch TV. Yes, one of THOSE). Some interesting concept art came out as well, including The Scarlet Witch (sexy hobo chic), Quicksilver (blue n blurry, way better than …THIS) as well as two stills from Guardians of the Galaxy. Speaking of, while it looks cool in print…Star-Lord?  That’s gonna be a tough one to take seriously when said out loud. Then again, this isn’t …Fellini? Kubrick? insert your own fancy director, I guess.



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