Sin City: A Trailer to Kill For

Do you even REMEMBER how excited everyone (read: I) was when Sin City  was first announced back in 2004? The casting choices were perfect. It looked like Marv, Dwight, and the Girls of Old Town had strolled right off the page. Went to the midnight premiere, the whole deal. At the time I thought it was pretty much the perfect comic book movie. I’m just not sure how well it held up; I watched it a few years ago and wasn’t as thrilled with it.

BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT? That was then and this is now (though now is the past and the future is now sooooo) so point your ojos at the trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. 

P.S. Don’t forget: Frank Miller is CrAzY:

A child’s treasury of 13 horrible Frank Miller comic panels

FRANK MILLER VS ALAN MOORE Who is the King of the Crazies?

BREAKING: Frank Miller May Be A Little Crazy


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