With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Seventy-Three: With Respect for Lucidity, I Cascade Molten Lava – If You Feel the Heat, You’re Persona Non Grata

A recent comment on my previous post advised Kentucky Jay had undergone a dramatic metamorphosis down the slimy steps through the turnstile and onto Pelham 1-2-3 of the “Coherence Express”. CHOO-CHOOOOOOOO… Brother, can you drop a dime on that action, because a retrospective squint of the peepers definitely senses the cheese might’ve been allow-eth to run-eth mold-eth. Ah Tell Yew Wutt, Marmaduke, Atonement’s on the Prowl for your Hide Tonight, and Not Even Toxic Enraged Phil Collins can help yeh….

Stretchy Slacks + Moist Tambourine + McEnroe’s Wristband + Hairy Briton + Middle Finger = The Most Hated Man in Rock? I was gonna devote my post-SAT Saturday to a sober and staid lucubration of The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracian, but, Punky Brewster’s Keeper’s Cataracts, I’m all f**kin’ wound up now. Godzilla never came to Jersey – JUST REMEMBER THAT, COLLINS! I don’t hate you, but 1990 misses you oodles and oodles…

Cookie Monster and Ultimate Warrior – no throats. Come, Son of Jor-El! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! The truth is Jennifer Aniston! Snootchie-Bootchies!! Commune with nature, and you are slapped across the buffalo beak with the Harsh Displeasure of Winter’s War-Cry: Mogwai on the speakers, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and muay thai kickboxing on ESPN. Hmmm. Throw in garlic stalks and social ostracism, and you got a deal, squire!

Dammit, Briscoe’s got me in the crosshairs. Didn’t expect his presence. Let’s see…repeat his name three times, and he’ll be summoned back to Dead TV Cop Nirvana. That must work because I read it on the Internet; everyone knows everything on the Internet is totally substantiated.


..but is the Lizard King’s Hair so soft it’ll buff the blisters right off-a Nixon?? I’ll try sayin’ the woydz backwidz…


Achtung! Too much sugar in the Agent Orange! Dang! Frag it. It’s lunchtime, anyway. Seahawks and Broncos, yippie-oh-wa-wa. There. I referenced football. Long Live Jimbo Covert. I’ll see y’all on the palm tree limbs of Outer Nexus…

2 thoughts on “With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Seventy-Three: With Respect for Lucidity, I Cascade Molten Lava – If You Feel the Heat, You’re Persona Non Grata

    • poetry. an explosive wordsmith – a one-dimensional grappler. I figure the world is plagued by poets who can’t wrestle. Hulk Hogan, he is neither poet nor grappler. He is product. Too Much Product Leaves Residue. Some Residue Cannot Be Washed Away.



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