The Modern Borefare Interview: David Yu on Hyperkin’s Retron 5 Console

RetroN_5-610x380Welcome to The Modern Borefare Interview, an occasional series of discussions with up-and-coming creators, writers, builders and DIY’ers of the comics/video game/pop culture scene. Today we’re talking with David Yu, Marketing Director and resident Man of Many Hats at Hyperkin Games, the makers of the upcoming Retron 5 all-in-one retro gaming console.

Modern Borefare: So, what were Hyperkin’s’s goals in developing its Retron line? What’s the overarching mission statement?

David Yu: In a nutshell, we really like to make cool stuff. We pretty much make stuff that we want to play with. [Hyperkin] started off making DDR dance pads. After a while the company became very successful and it got to a point where a lot of retailers and our partners were asking us if we could make other accessories and other types of products. After doing some research we found that the retro gaming niche, that market was grossly underserved. So we realized we wanted to make retro gaming our focus.

When it comes to the Retron 5, previously we made a lot of different consoles that were maybe up to the level of the original but never surpassed it or offered anything new. In the back of our minds we always felt like we wanted to make a console that would not only cater to the retro gaming market but would be able to actually give all the features that people wished they had when they played their retro games. The development of Retron 5 was almost two years in the making and during that time there were a lot of things we tested out, we tried out. Ultimately, for all of us here, we grew up with most of these systems. We love these systems dearly and we wanted to be able to create a console on which every gamer out there has the ability to play some of the most beloved games in the world.

MB: You mentioned the two-year development cycle for the Retron 5. I know it started out as the Retron 4, the successor to the Retron 3. What additions give this Retron its “fiveness”, as opposed to just “fourness”? Continue reading