New York Comic Con Swag Target #1 – Pimp2-D2

Thanks to ThePwnRanger for the heads up (also io9 and Geekologie). Who knows if this even makes it to the floor for sale before Disney swoops down and just eradicates the Manly Art booth with C&D’s and smokin’ legalese. But since I’ve got a spare Ulysses S., come 4:30p on Friday I’m going to have to see a man about a robot pimp.

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: New York Comic Con Begins Tomorrow!

Oh snaps y’all, New York Comic Con ’13 begins tomorrow!

Exactly how I envision the event:

What’s going to happen this year?! What kind of swag will I go home with (too much) and how much will get immediately tossed out (95%)? How much money will I spend (now that Mondo and Rawrs won’t be there, hardly any)? Will I get ANOTHER pair of (prescription) sunglasses stolen? Who knows? MYSTERY BOX.

If you’re reading this and want to meet up @ NYCC this year, I’d love to hang out.  Hell, if you’re of legal (USA) drinking age, I’ll buy you a beer. WHAT A DEAL.

New York Comic Con’ 13: Let’s Do This Shit.