You Can Keep Your DuckTales HD, Just Give Me This River City Ransom Sequel!!

Super geniuses bought the rights to River City Ransom and aren’t just doing an HD remake; no, no, they are making a full on sequel.


Man I love River City Ransom.  I was also a huge fan of both the Super Dodgeball and Nintendo World Cup. I love square people with huge heads, what can I say. I really hope they hit one of their stretch goals and they begin to develop it for the PS Vita. I’d definitely buy one then. From their Kickstarter page:

We’ve set out to create a sequel worthy of the name, paying homage to the original while recapturing its charm and gameplay innovation. This is our love letter to River City Ransom, Technōs Japan, and the epic fighting and wrestling games of the 80’s and 90’s. We’re pushing the envelope of all two dimensions with this ambitious retro revival.

While Technōs is no more, a new company, Million Co., was founded by former Technōs staff, acquiring the rights to all intellectual property in 2001. We acquired a license from Million in April to make an official installment in the series, which means we’re on the hook to make sure our game can exist in the River City canon.

You’re backing a 2.5D open world beat’em up with RPG elements, just like the classic game, for the Windows platform. We’re making River City bigger, adding more stores, items, and bringing the cast and crew into the modern era. You’ll reunite with old friends (and punch them in the face), meet new ones, and play through an epic story in an urban, open world. Yes, the game will feature local co-op play, and online co-op depending on our distribution partners on launch day.

We’ve evolved combat based on the mechanics of the golden age of console fighting, and we’re pushing to get sophisticated, crafty opponent AI into the game. You’re not safe standing on your bench anymore!


Here’s a fun story about River City Ransom: when I was younger, I had a friend who went to a different school than I did. He invited me to a sleepover, along with all of his friends from this other school. I thought it would be awesome to play River CIty Ransom on his large projection screen in the basement. Apparently they thought it would be MORE awesome to taunt me mercilessly for hours on end,  then throw shoes at me while I tried to go to sleep.  Children are monsters.



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