Fancy a Butcher? Grunge Street Fighters

Man-o-Manischewitz these are excellent. I too spent large chunks of my youth obsessing over grunge & Street Fighter (generally way more interesting topics that whatever it was I was generally doing at the time aka school/religion/other people talking).  I also learned that the most dangerous person in the arcade is the person who has no idea what they are doing. Death to button mashers!
Related but: I can’t believe SFII  was never released for the OG Game Boy. It would have been TERRIBLE and I would have cherished it forever.14072200dbbaa8390a2e58cfb66d4a19


From the artist himself:

Smells Like Hadouken!

As a teenager in the early 90’s I was exposed to a lot of the aggression coming from the distorted guitars, growling vocals and angst-filled lyrics of the grunge movement, emerging to shake things up in the music scene from that time. 
Meanwhile the gaming scenario was dominated by the cuteness of Super Mario until the arrival of Street Fighter – players turned head-to-head combat into the primary game mode, only to be smashed by a Lightning Kick, a Sonic Boom, a Tiger Uppercut or the popular Hadouken.
This is a collection of pieces combining the two universes – under the concept the devastating special attack combos were as aggressive and mind-boggling as grunge’s powerful and heavily distorted guitar riffs.







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PUT ME IN YOU! Titanfall Gamescon Footage

Now I will forever be jumping, hoping a robot catches me and places me lovingly in his chest cavity. From where I can wreck untold havoc. Or will, beginning on November 14th the official and totally real US release date for the PS4.

Which I won’t be buying on release day, as I imagine I’ll still be hip deep in GTA V. But for your early adopters out there, who’s picking up Titanfall?