With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Sixty-Five: The Assassin Dropped His Library Card…

shocker: it’s expired.

Various moods I’ve had this weekend, GIF’d. Explanation? Ben Affleck. I’ve been waiting for a lima bean to fall from Hitler’s Hindquarters who will DESTROY the Superhero Movie Genre. Thanks, Ben. I think I’ll just sit underneath my tarp and watch this all play out…



Yes, I do believe this is all gonna boil together QUITE nicely.


6 thoughts on “With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Sixty-Five: The Assassin Dropped His Library Card…

  1. I asseverate with unwavering certitude that the Batman/Superman movie will be the most offensive Superhero Movie in the slipshod history of the genre. I have another tarp if you’d like.


    • Oh for heaven’s sake, internet. That’s right, a multiple oscar-winning artist is going to ruin the genre. People today are so spoiled it makes me sick. Do you remember what the world was like before X-Men? Aside from Burton’s Batman, and Donner’s Superman, what was there? When I was a kid I rented the movie White Wolves (starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar) MULTIPLE TIMES just so I could watch the laughably terrible trailer for the FAKE Fantastic Four movie that was never even intended be released. That was suffering. Affleck’s Batman will be suave and sincere and he will kick hideous amounts of ass. The movie will be tastefully shot with a bazillion dollars in special effects and, lest we forget, BATMAN FIGHTING SUPERMAN. I hope you have lots of food under your tarp, Jay. If Affleck’s Batman isn’t enough for you, you’re gonna be in there a while.


  2. I don’t know. I never really minded Ben Afleck and he was alright as Daredevil. I think after that episode of South Park where he is the son of the those two ass face couples is probably why i can’t watch him anything now unless he has a beard to cover up that ass face of his


  3. Affleck can’t do SUAVE and SINCERE without SMARMY. I don’t give a fig about special effects if the story is sound, but I remain pessimistic. Then again, Adam, what the h*ll do I know about “decent” cinema? I’m love with Made-For-SyFy-Channel-Shark Movies. Hey, Joe, perhaps we can put on the MMA gloves with another roundtable??


  4. “Tastefully shot…” Christ, you sound like you believe it. No, really, I’m calling you, “Christ”.



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