With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Sixty-Four: Saturday Night Poetry

Dedicated warmly to the fellow horsemen of Modern Borefare & rabid Bill Paxton fans everywhere…

    LV-426 (Ode to “Aliens”)

Twelve little Marines decided to get their kicks
Huntin’ down some nasty aliens on LV-426.
Ripley tagged along to spill some acid as she waits
for “Ghostbusters II” to start to film in 1988.
They brought along an android to do the dirty work
and comedian Paul Reiser as a greedy little jerk
(bummer for the funnyman, as his loyalty’s misguided
and because he plays the asshole, his fate has been decided).
Ray-Banned Corporal Ferro dropped ‘em in the pipe, five by five,
twelve little Marines, but how many will survive?
Touchdown on LV-426 with the Marines taking their route
and meeting the lone survivor, the silent child nicknamed Newt.
Then Dietrich met an alien who wanted to hold her hand,
And their love released a kiss of fire that torched her fellow man –
Private Frost was cooked alive and dropped his bag of boom,
Exploding into fire, hurling Crowe across the room.
Wierzbowski hit the panic button and screamed all bloody heck,
as he was killed off-screen (we think?); I hope he cashed his check!
This cloud has a silver lining, Wierzbowski-ites, so do not fret,
for his legend lives forever online at wierzbowski.net!
Meanwhile, ol’ Sarge Apone was barking orders at his crew,
as Lt. Gorman was idly drooling back at base, without a clue.
Apone was charging forward as his squadron was left reeling
when an alien with an appetite yanked him through the ceiling.
A fast retreat was made to escape from this debacle,
while Ripley called the Cheyenne to take them back to the Solaco.
Ferro and Spunkmeyer heard the call and jumped at the command,
but an alien interruption caused a disastrous change of plan.
The gang just kept on shooting, leaving corpses in their wake,
when a splash of Eau de Alien burned the smirk off Private Drake.
Round One went to the aliens, high-fives passed all around,
and Ripley and her rascals weren’t sure how they’d be found.
Burke reveals his true intention: save the eggs and kill the soldiers,
trap Rip and Newt with facehuggers, so there wouldn’t be leftovers.
Another heated problem is quickly added to the load:
The station is unstable and is likely to explode!
“Well, we’ve got that android, so send him through the ducts!”
Bishop shrugs, says “OK, I guess”, and risks his android butt
to venture to the outside – bless his synthetic soul –
and program the other dropship via remote control.
Round Two begins, and Burke is killed, but I wouldn’t feel too bad;
Mike Jacobs loves this guy so much , he hires him for “My Two Dads”!
Hudson screams, “Game over, man!” and is dragged to a hero’s death,
Vasquez and Gorman die as martyrs, cursing to their final breath.
Bishop brings the dropship and gathers the weary trio,
Energy level of the warriors, collectively at zero.
But movie logic dictates there’s usually a catch –
The Alien queen has hitched a ride and busted through the hatch!
Bishop takes the hit and is sharply torn in two,
Robot guts are everywhere! (What’s inside him…glue?!)
Ripley’s had just quite enough – She’s gotta kill this monster!
If she does, she’ll be rewarded with a brand-new Oscar!
(sadly, the Academy had decided that ain’t happenin’,
As the golden statue for Best Actress was given to Marlee Matlin)
Pissed beyond a potty break, Ripley dons her exosuit,
a cargo loader armed for blood, and she’s in hot pursuit!
The queen gets feisty and snatches Newt: “Hey, Ripley, make a wish!
Ripley ends this love affair: “Get away from her, you bitch!
The queen gets thrown into the airlock and sucked into outer space,
the nebulous void of galaxy as her final resting place.
Ripley rejoins her friends, including Bishop, who’s still together,
to fly away to planet Earth and certain better weather.
The journey’s gonna take a while so to shorten the big leap,
Ripley says, “It’s been some fun, but let’s go the f*ck to sleep.”
And so the adventure of 426 terminates with a glow
(oh yeah, the colony did explode, as if you didn’t know!)
Ripley’s got some fight left, and the aliens got some, too,
so the story resumes after “Lethal Weapon 3” in Summer ’92!!!

G’night, lil’ facehuggers…Don’t let ’em grip too tight!

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