A Lesson In Making Fonts Cool, Courtesy of Butcher Billy

What can I say, the guy doesn’t disappoint. Check out Modern Borefare’s favorite artist, Butcher Billy, and his latest pieces: “Types, Quotes and 2 Smoking Design Tools”

“This is a collection of pieces mixing quotes, soundtracks, typography, colors and design of classics movies, that are classic not just because of one or another aspect of the production, but exactly because of the sharp mix of media that made them immortalized into pop culture forever. What is the quote of your life?”

(these plus way waaaaay more can be found over at his behance page or herehere &  here here here)

Masterful stuff.

d3bc4ee7cc5616c138469741bb804e41 6faf1e17570849a107376a4469e770ce 4a86c51b0ba73f74802b78213ab7689e bce049aee1a2f427d049d8fd1e36f0537 more after the jump, including one that I cannot identify but refuse to Google, hoping it will come to me.2b7408ff015a0e86995effc2bcf108175df6f68506d4426f407d176989c2cdbe 2355b6d3c0401a3238dadaf7fffe6c8b  78b064c936a5f56c7f1da4b0e70d2d4f 462b90da3fc6a59f47de45c27d141bc9 b709540433c2c56d7ac59f764b68dbb1 995989_10151558324308372_1091821743_n

5 thoughts on “A Lesson In Making Fonts Cool, Courtesy of Butcher Billy

    • Evil Dead. By the by, if you’re gonna watch “Hell Baby”, two-fer it with “Bad Milo”. Friendly advice.


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