I wonder if this will make certain members of the MB crew happy?

godzilla-tail-600x887via Legendary


After the jump, a joke.


One thought on “SDCC ’13: GOJIRA IS COMING

  1. Stow the sarcasm, el capitan – I’ve already begun the gathering of the re-re-b00t-em-all-to-Hell militia. I’ve posted flyers at the coffeehouses and emitted psychic rumblings. Shades of “The Hulk”/”The Incredible Hulk”, “Spider-Man”/”The Amazing Spider-Man”, and not I’m talkin’ ’bout the man in the top hat with the power over the forces dark…!

    Hey, I’m be more fatalistic if I wasn’t so imperturbably futilitarian. “Cheerfully suicidal” were the words used to describe Jack Warden’s turn as a judge in the Al Pacino legal drama, “…And Justice For All”.

    All this to-do for Godzilla. I’m a booster, I don’t mislead ya – However, Silly ‘Zilly did all that stompin’ in NYC, took one look at the other side of the GW, saw Bryan Waagner, Dave Solomon, and I with our pitchforks, artillery and jars of sauce, and declared, with a roar, “No f-cking way.”



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