Son of Video Game & Comic Book Woodblocks: The Return

This isn’t the first time that we’ve featured Jed Henry‘s mind-bendingly clever Japanese woodblock style takes on video games & comic books; this stuff is so good that we simply have to post whenever new work from him shows up (That honor (ed.note: is it though?) also belongs to Butcher Billy). Enjoy the new images; see if you can guess what they are.  Answers are after the jump!
size500_prints_JedHenry_TroubleAfoot_main size500_prints_JedHenry_DescentIntoMadness_mainsize500_prints_JedHenry_SwiftKill_mainsize500_prints_JedHenry_SecretoftheSpiritTree_main size500_prints_JedHenry_TheFinalChapter_main size500_prints_JedHenry_OriginStory_main

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2. Batman & The Joker
3. Sonic the Hedgehog
4. I honestly have no idea; Secret of Mana perhaps?
5. Final Fantasy
6. Katamari Damacy

How many did you get? And can anyone tell me what they think #4 is?

via i09 and Nucleus


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