With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Fifty-Three: “Superman II”? When did THAT happen?

“Man of Steel” is due to crash-plotz into the moving picture shows this month – Another superhero trapped under another microscope, the lens smeared by McDonald’s fries. Let the critics belch and expectorate – I’ll have on my Angry Spongebob hoodie, so none can taint me – We can toss around syllables of fallibilism and hubris like Hot Potato (Kryptonite), but I’ll try to divert that besotted deipnosophistry with pleasanter images of the Superman We Know, Drawn by Artists We May Not Know – Entitle the exercise:


Superman #402, as drawn by the late Eduardo Barreto – does the despoiled Kal-El, robbed of dignity and Barbasol, echo the daily recitations of Brandon Routh, John Haymes Newton, and Gerard Christopher?

Classic, all-purpose, handy-dandy illustration of Clark and those meddling whippersnappers, the Justice League of America, ubiquitous and fashion-friendly, drawn by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, who also drew “Atari Force”, the short-lived space adventure serial of the early-mid 80s. I own a t-shirt with this image – Note the apparent Flash/Zatanna/J’onn J’onzz love triangle – the Martian is unhappy.

Another day at the office, courtesy of Kurt Schaffenberger, who drew for the Superman family in the 50’s and 60’s, most notably ‘Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane’, and is cited as having drawn the definitive version of the plucky gal reporter.

Superman was never more wholesome or more trustworthy than in those portraits drawn by Curt Swan, another signature Superman artist. “I Flew with Superman” from Superman Annual #9, in which Mr. Swan may have met and flown with Superman, remains one of my favorite “side” stories…

finally…begrudgingly…a snapshot from the revisionist…

Yeah, this was a tough sell in the mushroom cloud of the Crisis on Infinite Earths aftermath…Brother, we’re talking about John Byrne. He could draw Snap, Crackle, and Pop with regal wonder. Controversial and perhaps too commercial for the die-hards, I respectfully aver my support for John Byrne and his exploits…despite its political motivations.

More art on another day, little Kryptonians…Same Supe-Time, Same Supe-Channel! Will you tune in, Mr. Norris?


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