The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Look, nobody is saying anyone ripped off anyone else. But Rawsley does a great job of highlighting the certain…similarities in characters from the Big Two. Purely coincidence, of course. (Looks like I forgot to copy the link properly, so am unable to refer back to the original artist.  Rawsley, if you find this, drop a comment and I’ll definitely update this post with your info.)
enhanced-buzz-23884-1366122764-2 enhanced-buzz-6281-1366122766-4 enhanced-buzz-9624-1366122766-13 enhanced-buzz-26592-1366122765-14 enhanced-buzz-6287-1366122765-2 enhanced-buzz-26591-1366122765-16 enhanced-buzz-24687-1366122764-0 enhanced-buzz-6256-1366122764-20 enhanced-buzz-6254-1366122764-5 enhanced-buzz-26765-1366122763-14 enhanced-buzz-26570-1366122763-21


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