With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Forty-Nine: …But his GIFs Live On!


Trailer Park Two-Step: Saints Row IV & a resurrected Wolfenstein

Get your alt-histroy Nazi-killing fix with Wolfenstein: The New Order

Meanwhile, return to Steelport in Saints Row IV where not only are you the President of the United States but you’re packed to the gills with super-powers and now it’s time to just get nuts on everybody.

When Titling Your Film for International Release

American films sometimes have much different titles when shown abroad. . If You Leave Me, I Delete You  f/k/a Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Hot Shots? Nah, Warm Shots.  I wonder whether Hot Shots Part Deux is Warmer Shots or Warm Shots Part Dvě.

China clearly seems they don’t want any of their movie goers to have a good time so just spoil the endings for you.   Sixth Sense? Nope, He’s A Ghost. Thanks for the heads up guys.  Here are some badass movie posters that go along with some of the bizarre names. Trust me, these posters are a hell of alot cooler.  I think Poland takes the cake on how to make a movie poster.

via WhatCulture