Time to Dig Out Your Atari

deviantartist starroivas provides us with a glimpse of the past through the lens of the future  a sense of retroactive nostalgia some totally sweet looking Atari 2600 cartridges containing games from the future that literally NO ONE ON EARTH could have possibly imaged as they sat around their giant ass television that somehow only had a 13″ screen, smashing a single solitary orange button and manuevering a wonky joystick, trying to move a blob of pixels out of the way of their friend’s different colored blob of pixels. I think if somehow my 6 year old self had access to a time machine and was able to witness the sheer awesomeness of gaming in 2013 it would’ve shocked the poor little bastard right into a catatonic state of sheer joy. So good think I didn’t. The paradoxes a scenario like that would’ve created? Mind bottling.
Tons more after the jump
new-atari-games-9 new-atari-games-7 new-atari-games-6 new-atari-games-5 new-atari-games-4 new-atari-games-3  StarRoivas via geekologie


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