Time to Dig Out Your Atari

deviantartist starroivas provides us with a glimpse of the past through the lens of the future  a sense of retroactive nostalgia some totally sweet looking Atari 2600 cartridges containing games from the future that literally NO ONE ON EARTH could have possibly imaged as they sat around their giant ass television that somehow only had a 13″ screen, smashing a single solitary orange button and manuevering a wonky joystick, trying to move a blob of pixels out of the way of their friend’s different colored blob of pixels. I think if somehow my 6 year old self had access to a time machine and was able to witness the sheer awesomeness of gaming in 2013 it would’ve shocked the poor little bastard right into a catatonic state of sheer joy. So good think I didn’t. The paradoxes a scenario like that would’ve created? Mind bottling.
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I’m Gonna Make Gretzky Bleed..or Just Fall to the Ground In the Most Realistic Way Possible

No more bleeding in sports video games anymore. Sad I know, but that doesn’t mean all the fun and hard hitting is taken out of sports games.  EA today released a new trailer highlighting their improved collision physics that will be used in NHL 14.

While you’re at it hockey fans, head on over to the cover vote website and vote for who you want on the cover of NHL 14.

With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Forty-Seven: The Guy With The Beard Will Be Your Downfall…

Comparisons of Robin Williams to Sasquatch will terminate in:

Are you scared? Not just a teensy-weensy bit? Yeah, Joel Murray and Girl-of-the-Week Tara Lynn Barr don’t exactly inspire fear or change. Bobcat Goldthwait’s “God Bless America”, a vitriolic production in which they are involved, screams “Play Nice! Bang Bang!” louder and more colorfully than most of its ilk of “Why We Gotta Be This Way, People?” flicks but also writes/presents its message on easily penetrable scratch pad pages that demand immediate interpretation. I liked the movie and its message but couldn’t detach myself from the grim susceptibility of the entire affair, enjoyed every moment and even waved slowly during the characters’ climactic Last Dance into Netflixbula (Netflix + nebula?). I cheered with the protagonists with every Speedy Delivery Bullet. Woo-haa. Down for the count. Spin of the fingers. Empty but entertaining. What else do I need?

Gonna go eat DIRECTLY from the box of croutons now…