The Craziness That Is The Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.0 Trailer

How many games have been mashed into this tasty Flash-based goulash? I can’t even count.  But what I CAN count is that I still, and will forever, hate Super Mario Bros. 2. Yes, yes, I know it’s not really a Super Mario Brothers game but still. It was horrible and I hated the weird masks the stunted pelicans wore.

Play 2.0 here!

via kotaku

With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Forty-Six: A Brief Portal to the Repetitive Loss of Sound Intellect, Followed by Abandon, Delirium, and Caped Cavorts, Intermittently Broken by Juice Box Squashes…

(inspired by a random and regrettable viewing of the premiere episode of “Teen Titans Go!”…*sigh*)

This is how superhero cartoons used to be…this fed the fever…made me run amok emotionally and often physically (quickly kiboshed by parents)…we’re never gonna see this again…and I am very sad… Thank you to Channel 5 WNYW New York for picking up this show for the early afternoon weekday shift back in 1980-1983:

G-ddamit! I’m energized!