Minimalist Video Games Posters Might Be the Best Video Game Posters ** Updated**

From Kotaku: a spotlight on deviantartist ~yamelme and his her incredibly designed minamalist video game posters. If I could buy these, I’d have to move to a larger apartment just so I’d have somewhere to put them all. In the meantime, they can serve as my PC background at work.
rapture_by_yamelme-d5yj7m6one_assassin__under_god_by_yamelme-d5ypoux dovahkiin_by_yamelme-d5ytfac my_own_insanity_by_yamelme-d5yl9j4victimology_by_yamelme-d5ytexm beyond_the_call_by_yamelme-d5yte8a origins_by_yamelme-d5ytx57 white_wolf_by_yamelme-d5ytgvr  happy_mask_by_yamelme-d5yjhip hero_of_time_by_yamelme-d5yjfq7 i_am_the_catalyst__femshep__by_yamelme-d5yqotn augment_reality_by_yamelme-d5yqp2b i_am_the_catalyst__maleshep__by_yamelme-d5yqoyp  dust_by_yamelme-d5z1sse

~yamelme via Kotaku


7 thoughts on “Minimalist Video Games Posters Might Be the Best Video Game Posters ** Updated**

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for spotlighting some of my work. It’s cool to here that people are actually enjoying my minimalist designs – they’re certainly not for everyone.

    Only thing I have to point out this I’m in fact a woman, not a man. I’m sure it may just have been sub-conscious mistake stemming from the stigmas in the video games/nerd community, but I just wanted to make it clear!

    Thanks for the shoutout! Keep up the great work.


    • Thanks for reaching out; my bad for not doing a little more research. Post has been fixed. Keep up the great work yourself; any chance of seeing posters of these anytime soon?


  2. Thanks for the correction!

    As far as posters go, I just started selling them! Thanks to shout outs from you guys and the team over at Kotaku, people have been emailing me asking for prints. I’m currently selling anything you see on my DeviantArt page, and I’m also taking requests. All you have to do is contact me via email.

    It’s all pretty shocking. I could have never imagined my work would get this kind of attention. But it is certainly welcomed – anything to help pay for college while simultaneously helping people nerd out is always great.

    Business is dying down a little now that the articles are finding there way out into the oblivion gate that is the internet, so I’m currently just attempting to market my prints and create the stuff you guys want to see!

    Once again, thank you so much. Keep on nerdin’ on!


    • Super tardy but: if you have a store link or something we can direct traffic towards, I’d be more than happy to do so! All about supporting people making cool stuff.


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