With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Forty: Megalomania Wears a Mustache…

A slew of celebrity birthdays today, March 30…Eric Clapton, Paul Reiser (Batman & I will meet you someday, Mr. Reiser – You live another year with the answer to the Burning Question intact, but a Batarang and and an Angry Ex-Catholic are the ultimate “Good Cop, Bad Cop”…WE WILL LEARN WHO IS THE DAD!!), Warren Beatty, MC Hammer, Tracy Chapman, Ian Ziering, and Celine Dion…but I’d like to personally salute two special birthday boys:

John Astin: Gomez Adams, the Forgotten Riddler of Batman, Season Two, and Judge Stone’s mental patient papa on “Night Court” – 83 years wildly strong today – Thank you, sir, for maddeningly mingling megalomania and facial hair, inspiration a-plenty:

Maurice LaMarche: Voice actor best known for Egon Spengler (“The Real Ghostbusters”), the Brain (“Pinky and the Brain”), and Kif Kroker (“Futurama”) – Here, Mr. LaMarche celebrates “International Talk Like William Shatner Day”:


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