This, You Gotta See: The Superhero Media Crossover Project

From the always delightful Butcher Billy’s behance page:

It’s easy to forget how much the comic stylings of the 60’s and 70’s have inspired modern films and just how timeless those two-dimensional, spandex-clad superheroes can be. This series replaces live action with the lines they were born from, interlacing cinematography with storyboard.

A true homage to Kirby, Ditko, Romita Sr. and all the other artists that kept inspiring and being a reference to the modern media. And all of us.

391672201e34ac4d5df5f105235448ac e9c0f02aa3b7d817ebf344bcc3cd6a2b 3478b12c1797877a5de938d1459b3599 e6dfba37e46387dba69f1acbca5993e8 085ad3d324d48b2be92ac8418c9c65af 0defc0dec3e4c24d3f11d91788aa0bec 71e98aa56cd2da45f2a226cf8c406205 If you haven’t done so yet, go visit Billy’s page and check out his Time Traveling Rock Groups, The Legion of Real Life Super Villains, The Smiths 8-Bit Makeover Project and more!

5 thoughts on “This, You Gotta See: The Superhero Media Crossover Project

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