Friday Night Flix: Timecrimes

timecrimes1Welcome to Friday Night Flix, where there’s never a need to leave the couch or put on pants. Each week I’ll recommend an under-the-radar movie currently available on one or more of the major streaming platforms. They won’t all be classics, but every selection is guaranteed to be 100% watchable or your money back.

This week, our world tour of unheralded cinema takes us to lovely Espana. That’s almost how you write “Spain” in Spanish, except I couldn’t figure out how to make the tilde. My high school Spanish teacher would be so proud. Hola Senor Poole! The movie is Timecrimes, a/k/a Los Cronocrimenes (Netflix, $2.99 on Amazon), and it comes from awesomely-named Iberian auteur Nacho Vigalondo. I dare you to say that name and not smile. NachooooVigalondo! See?

timecrimes2Timecrimes, released in 2007, calls to mind 2004’s Primer, a movie that blew my mind so hard I owe it money. Timecrimes is nowhere near as chaotic or thought-provoking as Primer, focusing far less the science of temporal symmetry, and more on grim psychological thrills. That’s not to say it’s dumbed down. Rather the thought puzzles created in Timecrimes – and there are plenty – are driven by the characters, whereas Primer’s impressive mental calisthenics were an end in and of themselves.

Timecrimes may also remind folks of the very competent nautical horror flick Triangle, given its similar construction. But Triangle came out two years after Timecrimes, so it would be unfair to say Vigalondo borrowed anything. That would be absurd because to do so would require him to be able to go back in time and…wait a minute.

timecrimes3Added bonus: Totally unnecessary nudity! Why is that hot chick in the movie? Who is she? Why is she naked?? These are but a few of the mind-bending riddles Timecrimes will answer. OR WILL IT?

(It will.)

This, You Gotta See: The Superhero Media Crossover Project

From the always delightful Butcher Billy’s behance page:

It’s easy to forget how much the comic stylings of the 60’s and 70’s have inspired modern films and just how timeless those two-dimensional, spandex-clad superheroes can be. This series replaces live action with the lines they were born from, interlacing cinematography with storyboard.

A true homage to Kirby, Ditko, Romita Sr. and all the other artists that kept inspiring and being a reference to the modern media. And all of us.

391672201e34ac4d5df5f105235448ac e9c0f02aa3b7d817ebf344bcc3cd6a2b 3478b12c1797877a5de938d1459b3599 e6dfba37e46387dba69f1acbca5993e8 085ad3d324d48b2be92ac8418c9c65af 0defc0dec3e4c24d3f11d91788aa0bec 71e98aa56cd2da45f2a226cf8c406205 If you haven’t done so yet, go visit Billy’s page and check out his Time Traveling Rock Groups, The Legion of Real Life Super Villains, The Smiths 8-Bit Makeover Project and more!

With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Thirty-Nine: PANIC MOOSE BLOCK!

The title of the post? Think think think…

From Kentucky Jay’s archives:

Fill it to the rim with Brim…and Brimstone.

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