Panel Picks: Back With an Oversized Vengeance to Steal Your Brain & Stab You In the Eyes

So, update on this: Panel Picks was going to be a weekly feature that slipped to bi-weekly due to a)laziness on my part and b)trying to force the issue.  ‘Cause hey,you’re not going to have excellent picks every week. BUT I’M MAKING UP FOR IT THIS WEEK! 21 panels for your perusal.  Peruse away friends!


Excellent repurposing of the iconic Days of Future Past cover from Uncanny X-Men 141 (Uncanny Avengers #4)


Ezekiel’s got a tiger bro. Deal with it. The Walking Dead #108


Eternal Warrior, perhaps. Eternal genius, hardly. Let me wear exploding shells (what) on my sleeve while I run from gun battle to gun battle! Idiot. (Archer & Armstrong #8)


I like fun Hawkeye, not aggro SuperBro Hawkeye. (Uncanny X-Men #3)


A delightful homage. Now I want marshmallows & gingerbread. (Chew #32)


Deena Pilgrim is a foul-mouthed little monster and she may be the best female character in comics. (Powers Bureau #2)


Why so glum, champ? You’ll get ’em next time slugger! (Age of Ultron #1)


I don’t think your shard’s going to do you much good against an unkillable robot army, especially when you’re left arm’s all jacked up. (Age of Ultron #2)


Incredibly clever and I want this to be my wallpaper. (Wolverine & The X-Men #recent)

A TON more after the jump, including some ultra violence, gross eye-play, a new perspective on an old friend, the future of the Marvel Universe and a possible trip to ass-rape jail.


Gigantic purple terror’s never looked better. (New Avengers #4)


Interesting to see Uatu from the perspective of a 12 year old. WAY more imposing. (Nova #2)


Telepathy only works if you touch your temple with one hand and stretch out your other hand (Uncanny Avengers #4)


Oh snap, Onslaught is back?! With Chuck X.’s brainless corpse as a familiar and the Red Skull in the purple & red armor? (Uncanny Avengers #4)


Lady Stiltman knows how to leave in style (Daredevil #24)


2 things: 1) Living with a budding telepath must be terrible, especially if you’re a teenager 2) the new old x-men’s costumes are terrible. yellow booty shorts over onesie bodysuits? Xavier had some weird fetishes.


Props for the clever lettering here (Batman Incorporated #8)


Deena again with the zings! (Powers Bureau #2) PS That jail sounds terrible.


Included solely for the King Hippo homage (Uncanny X-Force #2)


Incredibly shocking moment from the “Death of the Family” finale. And for a second, I almost thought DC was going to get crazy and make this canon. Alas. (Batman #17)


Fucking. Gross. The creepiest part is Creed & Logan are right: there is definitely pain you never forget. Like when you get super drunk and fall flat on your face in Japan and you remember the impact years later. Or you get your eyes stabbed out with a katana. BARF. (Wolverine Max #5)


Ghost Peter Parker is aghast at what non-ghost Otto Octavious Peter Parker has done to some Z-level villains.(Super Spider-Man #8)

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