This man can play both parts of Dueling Banjos at the same time. What have you done with YOUR life?

The song “Dueling Banjos” is the by far the most memorable bit from the excellent 70s survival flick “Deliverance”. (Okay, possibly in some circles that title goes to “Squeal like a piggy!” But you people are sick. SICK I TELL YOU.) I’ve seen guys play complicated arrangements on a single guitar before but nothing like this. I watched it twice and both times my cheek muscles hurt afterward from constant grinning. It is, quite literally, incredible.

The Fantastic & Whimsical Artwork of Andy Helms

Call it clever, call it too-cute-by-half, call it what you will; I call it addictive & mesmerizing. What is it? Besides it, we’re talking the artwork of Andy Helms via his tumblr oktotally. He has more than 30 pages of excellence under his belt over there on tumblr so go check him out, re-blog his stuff and give him credit. Don’t steal! Check a (small!) sample of his pieces below.

tumblr_mjzljiaYHG1qz9vd8o1_500 tumblr_mg55aiY3qO1qz9vd8o1_500 tumblr_miateyeqmb1qz9vd8o1_500tumblr_mesbouVqxp1qz9vd8o1_500Tons more after the jump, including the X-Men, Harry Potter, more Metal Gear Solid, some Super Mario Bros. 2, GI Joe, He-Man and The Avengers. Some animated .gifs for those that like that kind of thing and some reg gifs for those that don’t.  Whatever your flavor, they’re all great.

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