A new Captain Power TV series? Sure, why not.

io9 has a lengthy piece about this but I’ll distill it for you: the man behind the raddest 80s apocalyptic cyborg warfare kids show wants to breathe new life into his creation. While this is a worthy goal and I would fully watch it and be disappointed when it got canceled after half a season, it’s nowhere near production or even pilot status. But the possibilities certainly are intriguing. I’d be content to see the big dude in the camo armor tromp around blowing shit up for an hour every week.

Also of note, said creator takes to the comments section below the article to defend his show’s aesthetic similarities to Star Trek: TNG‘s Borg characters, which were actually introduced a year after Captain Power.  It’s a fair point and fairly stated, right up until he claims credit for inventing the concept of human-machine symbiosis  Anyway, the whole thing is worth a read, or better still go get you some YouTube love. (WARNING: Your light gun toy tie-in will probably not work as intended.)

Now, if someone could please reboot Spiral Zone as a live-action drama, I’d be all set.


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