The Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter launched yesterday, has already exceeded its goal


Yeah this probably isn’t squarely within the MB wheelhouse (square wheel? whaaaa?) but…a Veronica Mars movie? Sign me up! I mean, if I had spare cash and was more of a joiner.

I’m a sucker for reunions so the video below featuring the original cast has me really jazzed about a return to Neptune. Apparently I’m not alone because the Kickstarter for this thing beat its $2.5 million goal in LESS THAN 12 HOURS. Nerds! But can you blame them? A movie would finally answer all those nagging questions from season three, like why was season three so awful? Will Logan and Veronica ever get together (again), or will Logan get murdered by the Russian mob? Who the fuck is Piz and was his character introduced to punish us? And what fiendish prankster replaced Weevil’s steroids with pure cooking lard?

Make sure you peep the vid at the Kickstarter page. Yeah, I just said ‘peep the vid’.


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